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longish intro post 

mmmyes hello, I'm Very, I was born in 1987 and I draw the vores and also other things???
themes commonly seen in my art:
🔹 monster people, animal people (of varying degrees of anthropomorphism)
🔹 size difference
🔹 soft vore, hard vore
🔹 chub/fat
🔹 gore, guro, body horror
🔹 LGBT themes (a lot of my characters are trans and gay)

questions? ask away.

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other things of note 

stuff I'm into and deets like that
🔹 I'm primarily prey/observer even if I roleplay with my pred characters asfdsgfd
🔹 fatal vore and digestion
🔹 endosoma with potential threat of death (it's more exciting to me!)
🔹 power dynamics, powerful pred vs. relatively weak prey (even if they're feisty and put up a fight)
🔹 fairy tale themes, horror themes (and preds based on them)
🔹 my moods flipflop quite a bit so there'll be dry spells.

well ok i have a few things, just gotta be Not Lazy about them

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oop long time no post! I just haven't really drawn much in the vein of kink stuff.

furry sizeplay large female 

Decided to finish old sketch from 2017

ever think about how many """weird""" behaviors are demonized by suggesting they're inherently sexual in nature

a bot reposting people's vore art?? does... the creator of this bot have the permission to reupload people's work. Geez.

Why don't u... come over here and... "fill my inventory"...

adult content 

tax forms
drama films

Kink talk, TF 

So like, I'm a rat right?

And I'm just thinking about how mousification would mean that I get even smaller, and all my features get smaller too, like my tail, ears and snout.

There's potential for something hot, there, I feel.

Vore adjacent 

I like how my friends taste. |3

Vore adjacent 

You don't have to eat your friends to enjoy how they taste. |3

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Throughout history, succubi have been popular characters in music, literature, film, television, and more recently in pornography and manga/anime characters.

thanks, wikipedia

when u think you get follow requests from human beings
nope! spambots!

Shitpost, vore 

Welcome to the Gulp Cafe! Come for the , stay because you're stuck in a belly! :ablobslurp: :gulp:

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