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longish intro post 

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other things of note 

Femme Nudity and Lewds 

ok yeah def a good idea to set my account to be locked because some of the follow requests are *something*
Japanese porn bots? really?


this is @extinct 's lewd art account :blobshh:

if you'd like access, please become a patron at the $3/mo tier and send a DM with the email address and name you use for patreon so i know who you are :blob_blowing_kiss:

feeling generous so here's a version with hastily drawn clothes, but the full, final drawing is gonna be totally nude and nsfw and only up on my patreon and patron-only AD: @xxxinks


#mastoart #ocs #patreon

This porn blog is worth $1,097,000,000

Boost if yours is too to say fuck you Verizon

kink: taurs (sfw m/nb) 

kink: taurs, horny (nsfw m/solo) 


This is NOT how I remember Jaws...🦈



Vore joke 

Vore, object vore 


Hmmm. May not have the oomph to do a full render like I did the naughtier pic I did. But here we go, another #BowserDay #BowserDay2019 picture inspired by's pic, specifically the outfit he gave him.

#bowserday2019 #bowserday 🏷

Animated furry porn! AFAB character and a big sex toy 

serenading your monster friend with a guitar
not being any good at it cause you don't know how to play guitar
but that's ok
they appreciate the gesture
also they find humans' concept of music weird anyway so for all they care those sounds are good

β€” :blobgoat:

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