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ref sheet! vore, stinger 

I have a reference sheet now! Full credit to for this excellent work.

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OOC meta 

This is Synbria’s account, not that of her author. Boosts, faves, and content are hers!

Whenever Synbria is referring to events in her own life, or her own nature, the post will be CWed explicitly as in-character (“IC”). Conversation that either her or her author would engage in will be untagged.

Synbria will not switch from untagged to IC replies mid-conversation unless:
* she is personally asked a question that requires an IC reply, or
* the conversation switches to RP replies.

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Zorgoia are an original species invented by CorrieZodori! They’re described in great detail in their official reference:

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so, why a separate IC account? (ooc, kink discussion, digestion mentions) 

I’ve created this account because there are people very important to me who are seriously uncomfortable with vore, and even those who aren’t may not want to be reminded that I am very into digestion — an interest I cannot myself explain! I’m hoping to engage with it more here.

Zorgoias caught my attention as a species I find aesthetically pleasing, with post-vore reformation right there in the species description.

IC, vore threat (?), COVID-19 immunization, needle 

Hmm. I’m never quite sure what the better approach to get the point across is when I pose for a PSA poster.

(Art by CorrieZodori!)

ic, vore 

Anyone want to come visit for board games? I'm pretty good at Terraforming Mars.

IC, vore, dubcon, semi-graphic digestion, uncaptioned images, and - most shockingly of all - an FA link 

So I wound up talking with about some of the workdays I’ve had lately, and I’m absolutely blown away by his illustration thereby!

Randomized controlled trials of zorgoia therapy have shown extraordinary effectiveness in treating common ailments compared to more typical medical approaches, even when performed by the same clinician.

IC, vore, digestion remarks 

Having one of those mornings where, sure, I'm *kinda* hungry, but what I *really* want is to dissolve a friend in my stomach acid and absorb them into my body. I mean, sure, that _sounds_ like the same thing, but it's really a very different motive. People who worry that I'd eat them just because I'm hungry are misguided; that's not my only motivation, I'd eat them just because I want to digest them, too, not only when I'm hungry. I don't understand the worry at all!


Sometimes “hungry” and “lonely” suggest the same course of action

vore art (digestion) 

So, I'm on the tier of CorrieZodori's SubscribeStar thing that lets me get a monthly sketch. So here's me enjoying a full belly and companionship, and Aquixtry enjoying a warm, tight space and companionship.

Even though that warm, tight space is gently digesting him. Well, let's be honest, that's part of what we _both_ enjoy about this...

vore, digestion 

I know I’m a pred species and all, but this is 100% one of those mornings where I just want to be eaten by someone who will reform me. I want to digest away into mush in the confines of someone’s warm belly.

For some reason this sounds really soothing and relaxing to me.

IC, vore, redrafted for typo 

Y’know, I understand the concern, since there are inconsiderate preds out there. But I promise, if I invite you out to dinner, I’m not just going to devour you alive as soon as you show up! My invitation is sincere- I really will cook a meal and we’ll hang out and play board games.

I like having a normal “dinner with a friend” evening, too, after all! I won’t just swallow you whole until *after* all that.

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descriptions of dreams of predations, dubious claims about avian dreams 

When cats dream, their paws twitch and they dream of hunting small furry rodents.

When birds dream, their talons twitch and they remember. They remember falling shrieking with their packmates onto other dinosaurs. They remember gulping down a small mammal as a midmorning snack, a prelude to the hunt later. They remember taking to the air and swooping down to carry off the cat's ancestors for a leisurely meal.

Every bird is a dinosaur, and sometimes they remember it.

IC, vore, xenolinguistics 

There are words missing from English, concepts I know should be single words but aren’t.

I need a word for “food-friends”: people I highly value and am excited to see both for companionship and because they are good to eat (cooperative and nutritious!).

Similarly, “restaurant-people”: people I can semi-reliably arrange to eat by mutual agreement as what amounts to a business negotiation.

Oh well. Languages adapt, maybe it will improve over time!

My New Year's resolution is to try to elicit at least three or more enthusiastic keysmashes per week from cute folks by teasing them about whatever it is they're into. :pink_slime:

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I understand you are all upset, and with good reason. But behold, I come bearing solutions:

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@synbria @Taris Really it's sweet how we've all found ways to come together and live the spherical packing problem.

there may be no stupid questions but this one is cursed 

IC, vore 

Hmph. I’m in one of those moods where I really want to have someone in my mouth, but I’m not actually hungry. But I also know where maw play tends to lead. Or, well, always leads. Call it a habit?

Anyway. If I ate people every time I *wanted* to, I wouldn’t be able to fit in my door in a month. It’s hard enough to find an urban apartment ready for quad zorgoias as-is. Sometimes I wish reformation took a little *more* out of me...

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Ok here's an end of year list I'll get behind :boost_requested:

Comment with your favorite trope, set-up, theme, or other aspect you like and want to share. Please be sure to add a Content Warning if appropriate to our CoC 👍


The day after Christmas is a good day for lying around and relaxing with friends. I’m big and quadrupedal and fluffy, I’m great furniture for lying around and relaxing on!


Petty inconveniences of the pred life, part fifty: I have to make sure that any holiday events I arrange are after everyone else’s are done. Otherwise, it’s hard to get anyone to visit; my guests get worried about missing other folks’ events scheduled across the next day or two.

It’s just a matter of patience. I’ll get my holiday feast, I merely have to wait a day or two longer.

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