character ref, vore references 

Now it's Bridget's turn! To be honest, I wasn't sure anyone was even going to know who "Bridget" was when I put her on the list, but she got twice as many votes as any other character, so whether or not you knew who she was when you voted, she's a clear leader.

vore, female furry pred, female human prey 

A fun little drawing that came about because of a conversation with my friend Luna. We were talking about the advantages of scenarios with furry preds and human prey. There's a small story attached on my various other galleries, too.

vore, feral pred, bird pred 

My good friend Tea decided to go for a swim to relax after a long day of adventure scouting! However, when you are small and fuzzy, you should definitely keep an eye out for any predators in the area, including waterfowl. You never know when one might dive down and scoop you right up! On the plus side, Tea now gets a private bath, followed by a waterslide and then a jacuzzi where she can enjoy the bubbles and warmth! Though she might be sharing it with a few fish.

It's another ref sheet! This time it's Alex. As Arta_Shrike said in the comments of the last one, these ears have been on every gallery I've had in the last half-decade, so she probably deserved a ref.

Feel free to vote on the next one!

Hey everyone! I finished my first ref sheet! I'll now remove Hoodie Fox from the poll, but it will stay open, so feel free to vote for whoever you want to see next!

I'll be adding a new folder to my Google Drive gallery ( ) that'll just have ref sheets in it. Enjoy!

vore, female pred, belly dancer 

Another pose exercise! I decided to draw this skunk dancer again. Hey, dancing takes a lot out of you, so you have to bulk up on protein every once in a while!

I added some janglies this time, and one of my favorite furry accessories: the tail cuff.

vore, belly dancer 

Another daily pose exercise! This pretty skunk is here to put on a show for you! What's that, there were two dancers yesterday? Don't you worry about that.

I'm not going to guarantee one of these every day or anything, but they're so much fun to do!

vore, naga 

I did another one of those "get a random pose from a generator" exercises and, guess what, I got another back pose! At a suggestion from my friend Luna, I made her a snake. Snakes make good preds! I actually think she came out pretty cute!

These are pretty fun to do, and they're low-stress. I may keep doing more! Maybe I should do a poll to decide on species or something.

vore, female pred 

I felt like drawing again today, but I didn't know what specifically to draw. So I decided to use a pose generator and practice! One of my friends pointed out that you don't see a lot of back views in vore. A shame, in my opinion.

I wasn't intending this to be Fia, but it kind of looks like her, right? Looks like she's taking in some protein before/after a workout or training session.

She had been having such a nice day at the beach, and she was thinking about getting sushi later. She didn't even think about the possibility of sushi having her.


A picture I did on a bit of a whim for mer-May! Nothing like a living submarine.

F/F vore, sphinx, multibreast 

Here's the result of that poll! Miranda won by a landslide. I can't fit the story here, so here are a couple links:

vore, EatYourFriendsDay 

According to Twitter, today is apparently ! I've never heard of it before, but I'll be darned if I'm not going to take advantage of an opportunity like this! My mate was willing to help me out with it, too!

Big thanks to Luna ( ) and Murdock ( ) for participating.

vore, lesbians 

Rox in her favorite situation: out on a night on the town, a pretty girl on each arm! Weird, though, I could have sworn she had three companions not too long ago.

I saw on Twitter that apparently it's Lesbian Visability Day, the one day when lesbians enter the visible light specturm and become visible to the naked eye. So I decided to draw one of my lesbian characters! Rox was an obvious choice.

vore, multibreast 

A conversation with some friends made me think of sphinxes, so I decided to draw mine! I haven't drawn Miranda in a while, so this was a bit of a redesign. Miranda exists in my New Haven City setting, which is one of my modern settings, but this is a memory of a time long past. Past -- but not quite forgotten.

If you have any questions about Miranda, feel free to ask on my CuriousCat!

vore, regurgitation 

This is a sequel to this story ( ) that I wrote the other day. Two adventurers find the dragon in question. There's a story, too, at

vore, fan art 

Round 3 of the six fanarts! This was from the same pool of suggestions as the second one.

vore, fanart, SixFanarts 

Here's my second round of the six fanarts meme! I still don't think these are my best work, but they were fun to do! I got a ton of suggestions this time(Twitter didn't give me nearly so many) and I had to struggle to pick which ones to put in these six slots. I may do another round from the same pool of suggestions.

vore, entrapment, unwilling but nonfatal vore 

A dragon familiar, commanded by its master to "get me out of the rain." While she has effectively done so, I don't think this is what they meant.

There's a story on FA/other sites, too.

vore, various fanarts, sketches 

I did the "Six Fanarts" meme on the birdsite, where I took suggestions for characters to draw fanart of. Because I'm me, I did it with a vore theme! I really struggled with a few of these, especially the first two, but after some redraws, I'm fairly pleased with all of them. I'm particularly happy with how the Audrey II sketch came out.

vore, female/female, unwilling 

Rox demonstrates how to deal with people who hoard supplies and food at grocery stores.

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