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@Taris Thanks, these were really fun to make! There's also a :taur: one and one for :snouts: online, which seems like a cool place and Taris recommended making you one.

As Taris said, I'm up for making more of these! Since they're not that hard to make now that I have the template, they'll be on a pay-what-you-want basis. If you've got a word or two you'd like me to make, hit me up in a DM and I'll make it, and if you want to pay me back, you can buy me a Ko-fi or two!

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Hi there! Introduction, I guess! I'm hoping to actually be social here in a way that I haven't been on Twitter.

I'm male (even though the "mascot" for my accounts is a female rabbit), happily married, and work in IT. As a hobby, I like to and , mostly stuff. My art isn't always "sfw", but it's also never explicit (PG-13 at most.) Expect a lot of character-focused worldbuilding.

Talk to me about or , or whatever else you might want.

casual vore, possibly fatal 

You really shouldn't backseat game, especially when the player is capable of eating you and your ankles are within grabbing distance.

I actually wasn't completely satisfied with the art in this, but I still think the joke is funny, so I just cleaned up the sketch a bit and posted it as-is, rather than fully coloring it. I hope that's okay!

unwilling vore, implied fatal 

Happy Mother's Day, everyone! I figured that in honor of today, I could draw my one character who's actually a mom, Clove ( )! It looks like she's using the day as an excuse to treat herself a bit.

This is a fanart of a story that my friend Luna ( ) wrote in my The Den setting! It's a good read, and she got Alex's personality spot on. Go give it a read! You can find it here:

Trying the textured brush again. It makes some things a little more difficult, but I do think it looks nice.

And now for something a little different!

This idea actually came from my friend Luna, who saw this person in a dream! They're a professor and department head at a magic school. They take some getting used to, but they're a fair and patient professor!

Their specialty:

Death magic.

vore, feral pred 

So I tried to draw a little doodle for Eat Your Friends Day on Twitter yesterday, but sadly, the sketch turned out pretty terrible ( ). I was pretty down about it, so I took another crack at it today, and I am much happier with the result! I guess TeaTheScout ( ) ended up in my gut after all!

My favorite part of yesterday is that we got trending and scared the normies.

fatal vore 

Hoodie Fox being a good pal. She's always looking out for her friends! I just hope that whoever she's talking to hasn't changed their mind.

f/m vore 

A commission for RagDoll4T9 ( ), featuring characters of theirs! Their birthday is coming up -- but it looks like a wolf crashed the open party.

unwilling vore 

Contrary to rumors, the late fees aren't that bad at the library. Don't disturb other patrons, put books back where they don't belong, or return books damaged, though.

I was actually trying to work on a comic and it wasn't coming out very good, and I was getting pretty down on myself about my art. I decided to take a step back and sketch a random idea instead, and I'm happy with the result! I feel much better.

taur vore 

A fanart I drew for a story written by DarkerNinja ( )! The story in question can be found here ( ), you can go give it a read to see how this all ends up! Maybe throw him a follow, too, if you like it; his stories are great and I'm eager to see what he comes up with in the future.

"One, two, three, four,
Get in me it's time for vore!
Five, six, seven eight,
Give up now, accept your fate!"

Inspired by a Tweet ( ) from TeaTheScout, here's Rox as a cheerleader! Their cheer team gives great shows... but also has high turnover.

slightly nsfw, vore mention 

He's not "worried," so much as... "concerned."

This is another entry in my "ideas suggested by my wife" series, inspired by some of the romance manga she's read, where a semi-common trope is for a couple to start getting frisky, only for one of their stomachs to rumble, spoiling the mood. As Kurt and Lindsay demonstrate, this has a slightly different connotation in a world where vore is a thing.

I was in a particular mood the other day for preds who are exactly the right size and/or chubbiness to mostly hide a devoured prey. It's the perfect size difference, in my opinion! As Bridget so enthusiastically demonstrates.

Earlier this morning I asked for fanart suggestions on Twitter, and RagDoll4T9 ( ) suggested the version of Krystal seen in the demo of Dinosaur Planet, from before they changed it to Star Fox Adventures. So here's that version of Krystal having eaten the other version of Krystal!

A commission for DarkerNinja ( ) of his character Roy watching TV after dinner. Just another dull night, nothing remarkable about it.

Happy belated April Fool's Day! In celebration, Rox had decided to finally give in and eat Alex! That cheeky little bunny has been asking for it for...


Oh my... it seems like things haven't gone quite as planned!

Happy Easter, everyone! Everyone's probably laying around, stuffed from Easter dinner -- including, perhaps, the Easter Bunny herself!

What does the Easter Bunny have for Easter dinner, I wonder?

I present another entry in the "inspired by a random conversation with my wife" series. This time it didn't really come from either of us: we were invited to a wedding, and the message "first comes love; then comes dessert" was on the gift bags they gave out. The sentiment was already pretty vorish as is, and I couldn't help but draw it.

implied vore, choking 

I did another art trade with Akudrache ( )! This is my half of the trade, featuring my character Bridget and her character Alexia. Looks like Bridget has wrangled herself a bunny snack! Alexia is quite the escape artist, though -- even if Bridget tries to bury her under a mountain of greasy food, Alexia might just use the resulting food coma to claw her way back out.

A commission for RagDoll4T9 featuring their character Valerie and a rather oblivious mouse. They can be found on FurAffinity ( ) and Twitter ( ). With this, all my current commissions are done! I think I'm going to change the structure of how I take commissions, I'll probably make a post about that tomorrow.

nasal vore 

"I only looked away for a second, and she was gone!"

I drew this on a whim after seeing this tweet ( ) from Jeschke ( ) (who is an amazing audio artist who you should check out.) It's not my normal thing, but there's kind of a strange, slapstick appeal to this that's kind of fun?

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