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@Taris Thanks, these were really fun to make! There's also a :taur: one and one for :snouts: online, which seems like a cool place and Taris recommended making you one.

As Taris said, I'm up for making more of these! Since they're not that hard to make now that I have the template, they'll be on a pay-what-you-want basis. If you've got a word or two you'd like me to make, hit me up in a DM and I'll make it, and if you want to pay me back, you can buy me a Ko-fi or two!

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Hi there! Introduction, I guess! I'm hoping to actually be social here in a way that I haven't been on Twitter.

I'm male (even though the "mascot" for my accounts is a female rabbit), happily married, and work in IT. As a hobby, I like to and , mostly stuff. My art isn't always "sfw", but it's also never explicit (PG-13 at most.) Expect a lot of character-focused worldbuilding.

Talk to me about or , or whatever else you might want.

vore, messy (with food) internal shot 

"Trust me, I've got a lot of empty space in there still."

This cat wasn't too worried at first. But after slurping her up, Bridget just kept eating... and eating... and eating. And she's rapidly starting to wonder just how far she can go -- and whether she's going to have any space left soon.

A drawing I did the other day of a centaur pred! I tried a filter in CSP that turns shading into hatching. I need more practice shading, but I like the result overall!

I'll reply with a link to the story.

vore, male pred, reluctant pred 

A commission for Imiut ( )! His character Imiut attends an unusual party, has an unusual dinner, and then proceeds to have an unusually bad time.

There's a story with this one! I'll reply with a link.

vore, female pred 

Just a quick doodle I was doing for practice, which ended up being Maia, the skunk pred from one of my D&D games. Looks like she managed to seduce someone into going somewhere private with her.

Don't mind the generic cube she's sitting on. Everyone knows that skunks are known for sitting on cubes.

vore, male pred, boxers 

The colored version of that doodle I posted on Twitter! A fox who's very relaxed. His companion... not quite so relaxed.

vore, unwilling prey 

I started thinking about skinny taurs, and this doodle ended up coming out! Luna belongs to my friend of the same name. Better be careful when you go to the gym, for other gym-goers might be hungry! I wrote a story to go with this, you can find it on my other accounts.

vore, female pred, halloween 

I bet their costumes will be a smash at the Burrow Christmas Party!

A day late, but Happy Halloween! I thought I'd do a drawing with these three predatory rabbits ( ), who I've started thinking about and may become recurring characters in the New Haven City setting. Looks like they wanted their "pred" costumes to be as authentic as possible!

vore, female pred 

Nothing like a pleasant evening staying up late and watching movies while you wait for your dinner to settle!

Another experiment trying to get better at shading, this time using a soft airbrush and gradient maps. I think it came out okay! There are still improvements to be had, of course.


Just a reminder, I'm doing Extra Life ( ) this weekend! Come join me for games!

vore, tail vore, unwilling prey 

A spur-of-the-moment fanart of Eoghan (pronounced like "Owen," if I'm not mistaken), who belongs to FruitSwallowed ( ). I really liked the design and some tail vore seemed fun, so here she is! It looks like a couple of cuties were out in the woods, and they learned a lesson about why one should be careful about playing games with the fae.

fatal vore, f/f, unwilling prey 

They told Fang to find the bandit and bring him back alive for questioning.

They also told her that, as payment, she could keep any loot she found.

They did not, however, specify exactly what counts as "loot."

A little comic thing with Fang, my character from the vorish D&D game I'm running! This is not based on actual events in the game...

... yet.

vore, female pred 

Hey, look, I finally drew something! I've been practicing muzzles and trying to improve the shape of them. I still have a long way to go, but I think I'm figuring some things out, at least! Also I'm still trying to learn to shade!

So, due to various circumstances, I have actually started running a second vorish D&D game with a few other friends. This is a scene from that game!

male foxtaur pred vore 

Doesn't he look trustworthy?

This is actually a character from this vorish D&D game I've been running for a while now with AutumnVector ( ), the same one that Fang and the gang ( ) are from. Eiravel is a foxy innkeeper with a silver tongue who's always happy to offer a guest a "private room" if they catch his eye!

tarot readings, fortune telling 

"Come, traveler, and I will give you insight into your past, present, and future."

So my wife has a new RP Twitter thing ( ) she's doing, and I did some doodles of her character and thought I'd boost it here! She likes doing tarot readings and wants more practice, so she made this in-character Twitter as her foxy fortune teller character, Amaia.

vore, digestion, bones 

It's all part of being a pred: sometimes certain things can't digest end up coming back up. But hey! Free keepsakes!

And now she can put that collar on someone else...

vore, small preds, multiple preds, f/f 

Not technically a fanart, but Kingvorenfluff ( ) responded to my request thread with "Female rabbit preds," and... yeah. Yeah, I like those.

vore, fanart 

When I asked for fanart suggestions, JagKitty ( ) said "Heck fanart! More Bridget!" And who am I to deny people what they want? So here the heck is Bridget, making a heckin' meal of a few of the other fanart suggestions I received.

vore, tail vore, pheromones, implied mind control 

Just a little bit of silliness from Cerise, doing that meme pose everyone's been doing lately. Looks like Cerise indulged herself a bit! Her tail doesn't digest, so whoever's in there is probably being saved for later (and is likely so drowned in pheromones they don't know which way is up at this point.)

Another suggestion from the fanart thread the other day! This one came from Terastas. This is Mao from Shadow Hearts. I am not familiar with this character, but she was cute and had a big tum and I wanted to put a person in that tum. Apparently she likes drinking, and this time she snagged a server as well.

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