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@Taris Thanks, these were really fun to make! There's also a :taur: one and one for :snouts: online, which seems like a cool place and Taris recommended making you one.

As Taris said, I'm up for making more of these! Since they're not that hard to make now that I have the template, they'll be on a pay-what-you-want basis. If you've got a word or two you'd like me to make, hit me up in a DM and I'll make it, and if you want to pay me back, you can buy me a Ko-fi or two!

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Hi there! Introduction, I guess! I'm hoping to actually be social here in a way that I haven't been on Twitter.

I'm male (even though the "mascot" for my accounts is a female rabbit), happily married, and work in IT. As a hobby, I like to and , mostly stuff. My art isn't always "sfw", but it's also never explicit (PG-13 at most.) Expect a lot of character-focused worldbuilding.

Talk to me about or , or whatever else you might want.

vore, slight gore 

Vore, voretober, charity game stream announcement 

vore, taur 

Voretober day 5!

A commission for Wheatleythesnowyowl. He's been trying to teach Wirvla how to be a pred -- whether she's willing or not -- and has just forced her to swallow a prey. Of course, he's not going to let himself go hungry either!

I'm not the greatest at drawing wings, but I did my best!

vore, female pred, male prey 


vore, f/f, swallowing 

vore, male pred, voretober 

implied vore 

vore, making out, size difference 


vore (not really, but at least vore-adjacent), size difference couple 

Oops, I forgot to color in the mug on that last picture. Here's the fixed version.

New favorite trope: size difference couples who borrow each others' clothing.


f/f vore, betrayal, fat bunny week 

vore, taur, internal shot 

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