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@Taris Thanks, these were really fun to make! There's also a :taur: one and one for :snouts: online, which seems like a cool place and Taris recommended making you one.

As Taris said, I'm up for making more of these! Since they're not that hard to make now that I have the template, they'll be on a pay-what-you-want basis. If you've got a word or two you'd like me to make, hit me up in a DM and I'll make it, and if you want to pay me back, you can buy me a Ko-fi or two!

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Hi there! Introduction, I guess! I'm hoping to actually be social here in a way that I haven't been on Twitter.

I'm male (even though the "mascot" for my accounts is a female rabbit), happily married, and work in IT. As a hobby, I like to and , mostly stuff. My art isn't always "sfw", but it's also never explicit (PG-13 at most.) Expect a lot of character-focused worldbuilding.

Talk to me about or , or whatever else you might want.

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Voretober Day 25!

There's a reason that a lot of my preds will be shirtless if they've just eaten (or are about to eat) someone: it's to avoid this scenario.

Hoodie Fox just doesn't have much luck ( ) with things like this, does she?


Voretober Day 24!

Nothing like gulping down a prey casually and slowly, savoring and enjoying every last taste. No one wants their meal rushed, now!


Voretober Day 23!

A gift for my friend Baxter ( ). Baxter is a friendly sort, it's just that small fuzzy things tend to look an awful lot like food to him. And he's big enough that his meals tend to be quick. So quick, the aforementioned small fuzzy thing may not even notice what happened, especially if they were distracted by a text conversation when it happened.


Voretober Day 22!

Squirrel pred. Looks like someone got stored away for winter. Watch out, winter is long and it looks like she might need a bit more.

I used a ref, but somehow struggled a bunch with the pose. I think I managed to mostly fix it. I was just trying to go for something simple today, so I used online generators to give me a random pose and a random animal.

object vore, clothing vore 

Day 21! Object vore counts, right?

This character belongs to Saucyburr ( ) of Twitter. They mentioned the character idea in the replies to my last picture, and I found it adorable and wanted to do my own take on it. I know this is a little different compared to my usual content, but I hope you can enjoy it anyway!

There's a short story too, I'll reply with a link.


Voretober Day 20!

If one is a member of a species that is known for eating unusual things, like clothes, is it against one's nature if you also eat the person who happened to still be in those clothes?

These are the thoughts she is pondering.

centaur vore 

Voretober Day 19!

I'm not the biggest fan of My Little Pony vore (though I have nothing in particular against it, either.) What I do like, though, is the way that they stylize equine legs and hooves, and I am a big fan of equine preds in general.

vore, soul stealing 

Voretober Day 18!

A necromancer rabbit demonstrating an effecient technique for harvesting souls! Character created by a friend of mine.


Voretober Day 17!

Today's subject: an invisible pred! I've actually drawn something similar to this before, but I decided to do another take on it. I am very pleased with how it came out.

The question now is, when does the prey stop counting as a separate thing and start to vanish? Does she slowly fade away, of disappear bit by bit?

Either way, maaaaybe this particular individual shouldn't wear crop tops when she's planning on eating in public.


Voretober Day 16!

And now, another entry in my "preds lounging around wearing exercise clothes" series, because I seem to draw that a lot. This one seems to be enjoying herself!

I'm actually very proud of this. I did a few experiments with textures and line weights, but I'm honestly just happy with the proportions overall, and I'm especially happy with that expression.


"Hey, would you mind stepping into the changing room with me? I want to try this on and really see how far it'll stretch."

Voretober Day 15! For a pred, it can be hard to find clothes that fit your diet. The obvious solution? Maternity clothes! Of course, that can make for some awkward conversations with the clerks.

This idea came from my lovely wife!


Voretober Day 14!

Here's someone I haven't drawn in a while! Tess is from my fantasy setting; she's a feline cursed to be trapped for all eternity in a chest of limitless treasure. She has incredible strength and durability, but she can't ever leave her box.

Be warned, she doesn't abide thieves. If an adventurer comes sniffing around for her treasure, she's likely to put the squeeze on them.

vore, silly, kobolds 

Voretober Day 13!

Kobolds are always willing to go to any lengths to please, especially where dragons are concerned.

vore, centaur 

Voretober Day 12!

A drawing of my friend Tetrunes' D&D character, Anna Thomson!

I really struggled with this one and I'm still not sure it's my best work, but here it is regardless!

Hey everyone! I'm going to be participating in Extra Life again this year. This is a charity fundraiser where gamers do a 24-hour game and receive donations to benefit Children's Miracle Network hospitals. I've done it for three years now, and I'll be doing it again this year (the weekend of November 7).

You can find my page on it below:

vore, zootopia 

Voretober Day 11! I wrote another short story for my Prednant Judy series. Nick shares a rather intense moment from his past.

On another note, I am really happy with the art I made for this. I had a very clear vision of what I wanted and feel like I managed to execute exactly that.

I'll reply with a link to the story.

vore, digestion 

Voretober Day 10! Bridget getting cozy with a friend. There's a story too, I'll post a link in a reply.

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