Selfie, no face 

Dragons n kobolds are a type of puppy

NSFW art sale! Examples included 

I’m opening five slots for a simple, fully rendered two character scene!
At a 75% discount of $100 each, nsfw intended but sfw is welcome!

Check the thread for availability, and shares help so much!

Like my art? Send me a tip!
Commission info!

look at this complete fucking cutie i'm working on!!
almost ready for textures and rigging

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chastity, nude 

Checking and I’m still locked up like a good cow~ Feel free to comment or DM your teasing for a keysmash in return~

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chastity, rent donation drive 

Ok let’s try something for Locktober! I’m gunna wear this cage, for how long? That’s up to the people! For every like and boost I’ll add an hour each to my time. Spread this far to keep it locked! Not only that you can donate money to extend it! No limits on how much you can donate! Every $5 I get adds an hour! It helps pay my rent and keeps the cage on, two great causes!

Venmo: @fillertrack

D/s, dronekink 

They’re exactly three requirements to be part of my attaché:

1: You need a mask. Shy gal, drone, masquerade, paper bag, i don’t care. Just wear it well.
2: You will be scouted. You will be plucked into my ranks.
3, and most important: Do what i tell you. 🖤

there used to be a big scary dragon in these lands. now there's just a shitload of kobolds. nobody knows what happened

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fucked too many kobolds, whoops. now i'm a breeding bitch

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thinking about getting koboldified into a brood mother. anybody try this?

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