I am still around :3 Have some kemonomimi Undertail sanscest (sfw)

gotta remember to not accidentally re-log-in to Tumblr until the 18th, whee

mild undertail vore 

undertail vore 

Tried making some filters but no luck D:

I don't wanna overreact but this is doing me a discomfort

Hmm, there are a bunch of ads for sex-work-type stuff in the federated timeline, so I think that a sex-work-themed server has been added to the federation. I'm for sex workers having a safe place to advertise, but is there any way to mute the whole thing from my feed?

archiveofourown.org/works/1699 Undertail vore story, fatal and non-fatal soft vore, cw: betrayal and suicidal actions, kemonomimi skeletons, sanscest

The columns on Mastodon feel a little cramped right now but also a lot like what I always wanted from Twitter but never got.

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