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FYI, I currently have profiles with this @ on multiple instances and switch between them at a whim:

Apologies in advance if there's any duplicate posts or boosts.

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My new favorite thing might be power cable cosplay.

Financial help needed, kinda urgent, boost please 

Had the urge to draw Rose after working on other stuff, so I did. :3 NSFW but just for nudity~

Bravo, excellent use of the custom emoji response 😂

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Open office layouts actually do make sense but only in the context of small groups actively collaborating with one another in real time.

Nearly all open office layouts prevent exactly that dynamic by forcing unrelated teams (and individuals) to talk over one another to be heard.

And people wonder why that layout doesn't seem to work.

@queeranarchism @dawnstar I think the easiest and least ambiguous way to express this thought would be "things should be owned by the people that use/need to use them"

Houses should be owned by residents, not landlords. Workplaces should be owned by workers, not bosses. Trains should be owned by commuters, not capitalists. Aquifers should be owned by the people drinking the water, not someone hundreds of miles away. And they should be owned by everyone that uses them, collectively

The only confusion I've seen with this sentiment has taken the form of "so when I'm not wearing the clothes in my closet people can just come take them?" to which the answer is "that'd be a dick move, so no."

So, in Spiderman & Venom: Double Trouble there's a few comics where they get swapped with the bodies of a squirrel and a cat and its heckin' adorable.


Patches is ready for hir date! Changed up the fur pattern one more time and I like how it turned out XD


The wolftaur is high again :weed: 


[Stressed millenial voice] "Sorry the place is so messy"

[Other stressed millenial voice] "No, no, mines worse, you're good"

fun linguistics fact: the phoneme /ɲ/, in spanish developed from the latin double n, and that's what the letter used to spell it, ñ, comes from: a scribal abbreviation where the second n was placed above the first, and then gradually abstracted into a squiggle. it's literally two n's in a trenchcoat and i think that's beautiful

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