nsfw art: "casual all the way through" 

Suggestion from a pal on Discord, which I then had a Stronk desire to render!

@Taris I have my own collar! A real dog collar, even. It's the best and I love it so much.

@fivenine aww, you can have your own collar too 😊 it's even more fun to pick one out at the pet store then online, they'll see you buy it and you just have to pretend it's for your "dog", but you know it's not 😏

Every time I see a real dog with a collar and a leash I'm like
Mood, and also damn I'm jealous


Just wanna feel her hot girlcock pulse inside me as she fills me up. Again and again.

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@Griff It's ok, we had an amazing extended weekend together!


My girlfriend just left and I miss her so much and also I'm extremely horny.

Having your gf cum inside you is unbelievably hot and I need that feeling every day.


Cuddling your friends

Giving them love and attention

Swallowing them and turning them into a permanent part of your body

I got an avatar now so I don't look like some complete creep

This made me realize I don't know what my fursona is aaaaaaaa

I should get one

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re: Vorny 

@Lotherme Awww I wish I could be awake for it

nsfw comic, lewd joke 

@Taris Also I should then, after being cum inflated, be shoved into the cock that filled me so I can become cum too

nsfw comic, lewd joke 

@Taris I knowwwwww, all the cock vore cum should go to me!

nsfw comic, lewd joke 

@fivenine cock is good for that, and it makes me sad when people just blow their load on a wall instead of stretching out cuties 😉

nsfw comic, lewd joke 

@Taris This is my fetish too oh my god, cum inflation is so fucking hot

I really, unironically, want someone to cum in me until my belly gets large and round and filled with hot cum

nsfw comic, lewd joke 

Ok but that's my fetish 😏🍆💦💦


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