nsfw, 4chan 

Someone has suggested carrying land-dwellers safely to underwater cities by allowing them into their nipples.
Another person quickly suggested a murderous mermaid who breaches this trust to smush humans in deep sea.

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nsfw, 4chan 

I bring news from 4chan:
They are discussing giant mermaids whose boobs are actually swim bladders, so they're DFC in deep waters but have a real set of dobonhonkeros at the surface.

Make a pigfolk wizard named Samuel, call that a Sam ham-witch

vore, slightly noncon 

Vore thought of the day: failing a sphinx's riddle surrenders your effective bodily autonomy to her for awhile, so she can take her time with you. It does wear off, but there's not much you can do with it once you're gurgling in her belly.


It's weird that I'm surprised that a whole 7 Rs voted to convict Trump, rather than that only 7 Rs voted to convict Trump.

I've posted this so many times before, but BitTorrent > Bitcoin

one aims to preserve ownership through inefficiency, the other enables sharing in the most efficient way possible

fucked up that the UK just calls it a bank robbery and not a quidnapping

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