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Hi there, I'm Absinthe!! I'm a Non-binary dragoness, in my mid-20s!! My pronouns are xe/xem/xyr

here I post about:

❤️‍🔥Kink Stuff

❤️‍🔥General NSFW

❤️‍🔥My Boyfriend

❤️‍🔥NSFW Shitposts

Feel free to send me a follow if you are 18+!! Flirts and Interacts Welcome!!

420, Lewd 

i'm so high, my dick is absolutely dripping

friday the 13th?? you mean the day when i am at Peak Power??

dragons hoard many things

gold, gems, even books

what do i hoard, you ask?? kobolds

Sub Dragon, Horny Posting, Chastity 


someone would be kind enough to give me a belly rub while they play with my dick

maybe even

lock it up

Kobold Thirsting 

want several kobolds to worship me

want them to bring me snacks and cuddle up next to me

want a bunch of kobolds to lift up and kiss

Horny Posting, Explicit, Directed at Reader 

god i want a knot in me so bad

i wanna be bred over and over again, pop your knot in and out of me until i'm a shaking wet mess

go on, be a good good pet for me and fill me up

Horny Posting 

gonna lay in bed all day and think about how badly i want to be filled with cum

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