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long intro post, vore images 

heyo, i'm zero and i'm very tired and very nervous. i figured making a bit of an intro would help me a bit.

i've kinda always sheltered myself in sharing content since i've been kicked around for it before, so bear with my anxiety. i'm trying to branch out and make myself actually do the things i actually wanna do!

i try to make art sometimes, both visual and writing. this stuff is really old tho...
πŸ”»more in later postπŸ”»

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more intro 

not so horny stuff:
βšͺ trans+nb, sorta mushy and flexible when it comes to gender/id
βšͺ very much taken by my beloved roch, who is not on here
βšͺ also taken by a virtual manga character who i will not ever shut up about πŸ–₯οΈπŸ’•
βšͺ bigtime anxiety mess so please understand i may be nervous about replies (but don't be afraid to talk to me or w/e!)
βšͺ i'm kinda non-conventional and weird about a lot of things
βšͺ kinda a kinnie, i don't make a big deal of it
βšͺ bigots die challenge

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even more intro! talking about the horny stuff now 

horny stuff, preferences:
βœ–οΈ soft vore / endo
βœ–οΈromantic vore! πŸ’•
βœ–οΈ body horror / monsters
βœ–οΈ oviposition
βœ–οΈ tentacles
βœ–οΈ AI / computers
βœ–οΈ weirdly specific kink situations

things i'm less into / don't want to see (no shaming here):
❌ scat/watersports
❌ death
❌ humiliation

for more indepth stuff:

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πŸ’• anyway HAL loving hours πŸ’•
i will never shut up about MTNN or HAL or the hets(pairing) and no one can stop me!!!

vore subway map 

Commission your character using this subway map of the digestive system πŸ˜‰ :gulp:

[external link, FA, vore] 

my comm got posted and i have a link !~ ☺️

i just got my completed commission back and im losing it... i love it...


its been a good long minute since ive drawn vore, especially something more complicated and detailed...

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[vore, body horror (eyes where they shouldnt be)] 

i couldnt get things finished yesterday, but i'll post the wip now...
a big creacher gonna have a snack


Vorarephiles are excellent kissers.

This isn't a "vore is a deep kiss" joke, they just really know how to use their mouths.

i gotta do s/t today... im very excited because i got a commission and yesterday(?) i got a wip sketch in and im so fuckin excited for the end result...

body horror, drawn eye contact 

hm, i hope i didn't put a suspicious amount of notes on mouth structure in this ref, for some reason! πŸ€” that would be unfortunate!
(not my character, my interpretation from a game sprite, tho)

getting a commission (hopefully) for the first time in a while !~

Periodic reminder that you can be a fan of something without needing to know or retain extensive knowledge of the subject. Just that it makes you happy.

I can call myself a fan of WB animation, and know names like Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, Termite Terrace, and still not know or care to memorize how many classic Bugs Bunny or Tweety shorts have been produced.

i always feel weird because it feels like 90% of voraphiles are furries, when I don't really consider myself one at all πŸ˜₯

(it also makes commissions hard to find)

vore talke continued 

...what if i made said character actually make jokes about vore, to divert it. the character is making vore jokes, obviously the vore energies are because of that. naturally its that, and the writer isnt excessively familiar with writing the details of the inside of a mouth for some reason. impossible.

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vore talke continued 

me: i want to write and post this fic, and one of the characters is a giant monster, built to kill and eat things. i want to be able to share it to the general public
also me: but im a voraphile how the fuck do i write a character who naturally would taunt and try eating people alive, without it screaming 'horny for vore'

the struggle is real

vore talke 

she lets go and lets him swallow her; and mid swallow, it hits him that she did that voluntarily and she DOES trust him; when he genuinely thought she didn't. and it kinda fucks him up and he sits there dumbfounded, giving the rest of the party an opening to attack him.

fucked up.

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vore talke 

he wants to see if she will actually TRUST him doing this when he expressed he won't hurt her and it's to 'protect' her from everyone else in the party. naturally shes kinda freakin terrified when he shoves her in his craw; halfway jammed down his throat. and she kind of has a moment of 'well i cant get out of this no matter what, either im eaten and i die, or im eaten and he wasnt lying. i want to trust him.' so

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vore talke 

thinking thru a fanfic im working on, where a character gets swallowed for the sake of plot (its a boss fight, horny unintended); but thinking abt how the character eating is doing it as a fuckt up trust exercise...

yo, i feel bad asking this, esp since i havent been here in several months, but does anyone know if there's a vore discord server that's safe like this place? like No Biggots Zone?
(im just really desperate for active socializing and RSD is punching me in the face............. ; m ; )

What if I ate a computer

What if I ate twenty

vore, big mood 


Preds that once they have you in their paws have an 80% chance to snuggle slurp and cuddle you with affection, and a 20% chance to affectionaty eat you whole rather hungrilly.


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