Today I reached β€œleft my collar on when I went to the UPS Store” levels of apparently not giving a fuck during the pandemic.

micro, paws 

I'd love to commission art of my wife idly smooshing me between her paws while she works at her desk, but we both sit in our chairs like gremlins with our legs tucked up underneath us, so it wouldn't be very accurate, lol

Oh no, I've created an optical illusion. The tower on the left looks more leaned than the one on the right.

I was, perhaps, a little bit bored last night and decided to see how I sized up to the landmark clock tower in the park downtown (which is 155 ft tall).

I kinda want to commission an aerial piece with me leaning against it now...

So how long before the Ever Given shows up as a selectable object in Macrovision?

I have resolved to be a good pup this year and wear my collar as much as I can.

micro, explicit/weird 

I want one of those portal things that makes your dick into a living dildo. Then I wanna shrink down to micro size and climb into my wife's pussy while she uses it. (The portal would obviously retain its original size.)

macro, paw/vore 

Step on me or suck on me.

Or both, I'm not your dad.


I wanna commission a POV shot looking up at my mate sitting on a bed and holding her paw over me...

kinda mh - 

I just want to be small with no responsibilities, is that so much to ask?

Today's a good day to dig my collar out of the closet.

vore shitpost 

Pronouncing "I vored" the same way you pronounce "I voted".

micro, birdsite link 

Though I do also like the "scavenged normal-sized stuff" aesthetic a *lot*, so I'd have things like an old iPod Touch for a TV, and more cardboard-craft stuff for furniture.

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Anybody else have a nice heavy blanket they like to curl up under and pretend it's your much larger partner's giant paw you're snuggled under?

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