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One of my characters, Rubinda the Serpent. She is a snake-taur hybrid of sergal and cobra, and her favorite food is rich people >:3

horrible pokemon joke, semi-suggestive 

You ever hear about the lickitung assassin? All of their targets die from ligma.

Etherium is PoS?
That's not new, It has been a piece of shit the entire time.

Name for a computer-themed strip club 

The Booty Sector

Do you know what time it is? Because I know what time it is. It's Coffee Time!

*hops into her mug of caramel macchiato and purrs as she lays back to soak in it like a caffeinated hot tub~*

horny thoughts 

Really like how cake has become a slang term for butts :3c

vore shitpost 

Dragons come in all shapes and sizes. Including snack sized~

salt re: corporate media releases (Bethesda, Amazon) 


there's a fallout series coming to whatever amazon is calling its streaming service soon.

this feels like a good time to remind the reader that:

no corporation is your friend, especially if they make that thing you like;

both amazon and bethesda have engaged in super-questionable treatment of their employees for literally years at this point;

and you are not immune to propaganda.



Ko-fi just pushed this email to everyone. Please be aware that if they catch wind of an artist taking on NSFW commissions using their platform, they will shut down their account and ban them from the platform without warning.


vore shitpost, nsfw 

If you're a micro, you get to be a cutie in a booty ;3c

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