Sillypost, macro, fatfur 

Sergals in the mirror may be bigger than they appear. How you choose to interpret this is up to you. :blobfox3c:


sergal pudge covering the whole town... again

kink: fatfur or inflation 

Yari: We're sergals who just want to be round currently

sillypost, macro 

Yari: Sergals who promise the rain isn't them this time they were asleep when it came through a second time they just didn't tailwag the clouds out of the way before taking a 40 minute nap

Kink: fatfur 

Yari: Clearly sergal should be the size of a couch today for friends to lounge cozily on.

kink: fatfur, hyperfat, silly subtoot 

Sergals who are happy to be a soft pudge landscape for anyone who wants. Whether they cover a house, town, continent, or they are a planet or more for whatever size friends!

kink: fatfur 

Thinking about being very round today. Like taking up entire hallways level of fat. >\\>

kink: fatfur, minimacro, hyper fat 

Yaris: Sergals who are thinking about taking up the entire warehouse just in fat while still being maybe 20ft tall

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kink: fatfur, minimacro 

Yari: very rotund minimacro sergal struggling to fit through the width of costco aisles

kink: fatfur, macro, megamacro, teasing 

Because this will tease the tricorgs, yari is 48km today. Don't mind the cloud cover from all of the serg fur blocking out the sun :3
@artemis just imagine how much serg that is given how round y'all had previously helped to make them~

Kink: fatfur, macro, quadruped, leash 

Yari: Remember, an important part of your cerbserg's care is making sure they have plenty to eat and plenty of room to exercise. Did you know they especially like walkies? Here we have @Nomaxice giving the sergs some nice fresh air!
Art: @wizlicos

kink: fatfur, silly 

Local rotund sergal claims latest increase is just winter weight...again. Given the low temperature, how can local sergal not put on a few extra hundred pounds?

re: kink: fatfur, macro 

Happy macro March :3

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kink: fatfur, macro 

I am not a mountain range (i am actually), despite that being incredibly hot to be large enough in multiple aspects to be considered part of the landscape


Local bird is comfy, snore at 11

sillypost, possibly beverage adjacent 

98% chocobo (or sergal) by volume

kink: [image] fatfur, micro 

Yari: Sometimes, after a long and stressful move, you just need to be a small quadruped and get some reassurance from your partner. Here we have @Nomaxice giving Yari some comforting pets while the little rotund serg nervously works through their moving house. Thankfully, the move went without a problem but it was definitely nerve wracking.

Art: @wizlicos

silly but positive subtoot 


kink: micro 

Thinking about tiny chocobo Yari getting pets with the finger of a friend. A teeny tiny kweh friend maybe 10cm tall at most.

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