micro, silly 

Sergals are the powerhouse of the cell

I will be very happy about two weeks from now when I can finally have a proper weekend, oof. Moving is hard

food (meat) 

Eating leftover mildly spicy chicken wings for breakfast because I am an adult and can make questionable decisions

fatfur (extremely fat) 

Yari: Kinda want to be a continent of fat, or a planet, or maybe even solar system or galaxy and yet still be like 1.5m tall


Still very round sergal today. This has also been helped with the teasing of a few friends :yeen_blush:

fatfur, macro 

@tabitha @artemis @owashii don't worry there's definitely plenty of room for all three of you and more :blobfox3c:

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fatfur, macro 

Local sergal (Yari) and rainwing (Jewel) take up entire highway again, being a comfy open space for snoozing

fatfur, plurality 

Yari and Jewel are still thinking about being round. So if you see some giant quadrupeds, one a dragon (Jewel) and the other a sergal or possibly a chocobo (Yari) then it's likely us.

kink: (macro, fatfur, inflation), just being silly at this point 

Yari: We had a really enjoyable evening just meandering about in No Man's Sky. I think it was mostly Rem playing but I still helped a bit! Okay I might have become a planet(s) or space itself but I promise I didn't displace too many.. Wait what do you mean you discovered new creatures on me?

fatfur, possibly macro 

Still thinking about being a bed for folks or taking up a whole room


Apparently today is a "I want to spill out over my desk chair and maybe take up most of a couch" kind of day. Though unsure if it's me or Jewel who is the one being round today

macro, planet vore, fatfur 

Won a sketch from the lovely @BlurTheFur of Yari being big, smug, and hungry. Gosh is it a wonderful piece. Say, you didn't need those planets did you?

Sillypost, macro, fatfur 

Sergals in the mirror may be bigger than they appear. How you choose to interpret this is up to you. :blobfox3c:


sergal pudge covering the whole town... again

kink: fatfur or inflation 

Yari: We're sergals who just want to be round currently

sillypost, macro 

Yari: Sergals who promise the rain isn't them this time they were asleep when it came through a second time they just didn't tailwag the clouds out of the way before taking a 40 minute nap

Kink: fatfur 

Yari: Clearly sergal should be the size of a couch today for friends to lounge cozily on.

kink: fatfur, hyperfat, silly subtoot 

Sergals who are happy to be a soft pudge landscape for anyone who wants. Whether they cover a house, town, continent, or they are a planet or more for whatever size friends!

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