It's a cookie dough at 4AM kinda night

Y'all just ever wake up in a feverish unhinged haze

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Macro, vore 

A large otter emerges from the waters... and he's hungry~

Raffle sketch for JordanDeware27 :twitter:

#MacroFur #Vore #Furry #FurryArt

It's actually nice to have multiple instances to post on in when one goes down. Another benefit to not all being on a single site, but smaller, connected ones.

prey vore musing, not an invitation 

Wanna be cozy under a tongue right now. Or in a warm, soft belly and just sleep.

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Macro/micro vore art to Keep Furry Weird because the Brands are trying to be Relatable 

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General shout out to awesome kink artists who use descriptive CWs so I can decide whether a piece is intended for me as an audience if I'm not interested in that thing. Even if it's not my thing I can decide to open and appreciate the artistry!

Request for other artists please to use more descriptive CWs than 'nsfw' in specialized artwork.

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Recursive Vore 

When dealing with beings of chaos like Zilvok and Hif, Balter finds out that everyone gets a taste of the action, again and again and again...

Comm for @eMander featuring his Zilvok
Hif and Balter belong to me

#Furry #FurryArt #Vore #Recursion

August 18th is Helium Day, btw 🎈
Just putting that out there~

One of these days I'll create music again.

Oh, I think Meow is down. So I'm just gonna vibe here for a bit.

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More often than not, whenever someone goes off about "popular people" or "cool crowd" or "cliques", the projection really shows and also where their priorities are.


Vore Day may be over, but it's still all month long~

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Macro/micro, Vore 

Sitting down with his 'popcorn', ready for the movie, but it's debatable who has the better view~

For Glaas22 on Twitch

#MacroMicro #MacroFur #Furry #FurryArt #Vore

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