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(terra) macro, (planet) vore 

So last night, I was about to sleep, @Dracodare poked about how @BlurTheFur was streaming raffles again and I popped in... And got lucky on the first try, again, I swear Roy is my lucky charm...

So here have a Noma, even bigger than last time... And a bit peckish... I'll get y'all a new one don't worry.

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Animal Crossing Rule 34 (explicit) 

Something about tanukis and having big sacks...~

#AnimalCrossing #Rule34 #Furry #FurryArt #Hyper

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Pooltoy vore 

A colorful and squeaky party with plenty of balloons!
A bit crowded though... 🎈

Comm for

#Furry #FurryArt #Pooltoy #Vore

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Macro pooltoy 

Where there are pools, there are pooltoys. Even in the most unlikely of places.

#Furry #FurryArt #Pooltoy #MacroFur


Happy thoughts about eating friends 💙

Mawplay, very lewd 

Thoughts of thrusting in-between the crease of a large dragon's slick, saliva covered tongue as its tip penetrates you from behind. The humid breath against your face in-sync with your thrusts. 💙

Lewd, MH + 

Was feeling very grumpy but rubbing one out definitely seems to have helped.
Need to remind myself that that's an option sometimes.

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For example:

Image descriptions don't carry over with crossposts, and the community here generally cares more about accessibility.

We keep long threads in 'unlisted' chains because we care about not spamming people with content.

We don't talk about things that might be Twitter-specific trends because most of us came here to get away from Twitter. We're not interested in what's going on over there and won't click through links to get context on conversations.

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IIt's important to note that Masto (and the fediverse) is not an 'alternative Twitter'. It's an entirely different platform that has its own unique culture. We don't chase likes or follows or popularity, we don't present as brands or 'personalities'. We care about each others' personal lives and wholesome engagement on a more individual level.

If you're going to use a Masto to Twitter crossposter, please keep this in mind, and ideally, cross post from here to there, and not there to here.

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Every time I paint hands, I'm reminded that I REALLY love hands

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Mawplay is great because it means someone is basically making out with your entire body at once~

ACAB, vore, scat 

Just got followed on FA by someone who exclusively commissions pics of cops getting eaten and turned into gas/shit and well, when ya present it like that...
TECHNICALLY it's not on my will-not-draw list is all I'm sayin' 👀

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