New NSFW story up (vore adjacent, thumbnail below) 

Jack has planned a ceremony, one so important that two of his biological sons call him to wish him well for it. A distant colleague also calls, having heard that Jack is an expert on... certain taboo magics...

But Jack, municipal weather wizard and otter dad, contains multitudes. It's time to let them out~

Jack, Joey, Joel, Caspian, James, Sean & Patrick belong to me

Guest starring Patrons with Patreon Reward Vignettes Set in Jack's Predscape

New NSFW story up (Contents Part One below) 

Contains: Musclegut Middle Aged Otter Dad, Awaking from an Implied Predscape Orgy, Morning Wood, Casual Nudity, Hyper Cock and Balls, Worldbuilding and Family Drama, Dad being a Dad, Oral Vore w/ Feral Prey (Anthro Otter eat a normal fish whole), Yeah Toast, Intertextual Conversation, Male Kegels, Ritual Masturbation, Hyper Ejaculation, Mass Reformation from Semen, So Many Otters, Patron Cameos (where appropriate), Party Prep, Preview of a Future PTB, >

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New NSFW story up (Contents Part Two and Links below) 

Himbo Otter Tends to Nerd Otter, Deer Kisses, Logistical Announcementsand Rolling Out the Buffet.

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New NSFW story up (Self-Promotion below) 

This was written for and premiered early on my Patreon! Again, people who pledge $1 or more can vote on polls. $5 or more you can add to the suggestion doc, which is where the ideas that get voted on on the polls come from.

If you'd rather have more complete control of my creative output, consider commissioning me! If you'd rather just support me and don't want to commit to a monthly donation, I have a Ko-Fi

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