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Pyctoral got pretty intense while pretending to be a big bad villain (see: ) So intense that Parabolt needs some help getting out of the submissive spiral he's wound up in while buried inside the wolf. With Phasian's help, Pyctoral is going to do his best to help the new hero get back to a better place.

His best just happens to be... well, read the story or check out the contents in the next toot!

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Contains: Massive Muscle Wolves, Subspace Spiralling, Transforming Clothing, Accidental Muscle Theft Reformation, Respect for Secret Identities, Affectionate Touching, Muscle Worship, Submission to Admiration, Compersive Lust, Big Dicks, Genuinely Affectionate Predatory Teasing, Possible Forming of a Polycule, Pec Vore, Condom Application, Helping Willing Prey with a Shove, Accidentally Prey On Purpose, One in Each Pec, Absorption, (Cont)

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Muscle and Cock Growth, Outgrowing the Bed, Extreme Condom Filling, Extremely Deep Resonant Voice, Power Theft and Planning on Doing it Again

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This story was inspired by conversations with , who drew me art of Parabolt because he liked the capybara so much! He hasn't posted it publicly so I won't share it here. He didn't have the money to commission me for it but I liked the idea so much I decided my Patreon would fund it! Unny loves Aftercare with affectionate domination to replace the more intense sort that happened during the roleplay. So that was what I focused on here. Enjoy!

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