New Vore Story Up [Two Versions!] (Thumbnails and Description) 

This last month I was of two minds how this story that was voted on by my Patrons should end... so I ended up doing two versions.

Madison is a dik-dik, and as such is familiar with being overlooked. He's been abandoned by his friends at a party, and can't see beyond the bodies towering over him. A near collision sends the tiny antelope on his way to be displayed under 'glass'

I wanna do some more stuff with MK, he's a fun design.


New Vore Story Up [Two Versions!] (Contents) 

Both versions contain: Size Difference, Vinyl Clothes, Splitting the Crowd, Chatting, Exploring an Unusual Body, Willing Goo Vore, Exhibitionism, Unable to Speak and Pining to Return to the Pred's Body

Endosoma Version: Shower Release, Toweling Off, Being Blatantly Thirsty

Absorption Version: Accidental Gel Eating, Digestive Transformation, Eagerly Aiding Doom, Possessive Language, Blushy Preds, Released to Concerned Friends and Moaning Goop in a Jar

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New Vore Story Up [Two Versions!] (Self Promotion!) 

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