New Vore Story! (Thumbnail and Description) 

Fifth Apex City story! This premiered on my Patreon at the end of May!

Pyctoral is on his way to train in the simulation room when he comes across Parabolt. The recently defected capybara is frustrated with the cold reception he's received so far. The pectacular wolf, however, has a plan to bring the electric antihero into his bosom: Sparring in the simulation chamber. He'll even play the bad guy!

I think he's getting a bit too into the role, perhaps.

New Vore Story! (Contents) 

Contains: Dominance, Stylized Superhero Violence, Rubber Bodysuits, Broad-Shouldered Muscle Mens, Electric Shock, Taunting and Teasing, Improvised Weapons, Blatant Arousal, Transformation, No-selling the Counter, a Dramatic Mistake, Pec Vore, Deciding to Submit, Masturbation while being Eaten, Intense Muscle Growth, Electric Hyper Cock, Intensely Impractical Costuming, Excessive Cum, Sentient Muscle Mass and Post-Absorption Teasing

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