*takes chocolate milk powder, dumps it into milk, stirs it rapidly, and puts it in an Erlenmeyer flask*

Ah yes, my Serotonin Potion,

@TastyTrissie when the fuck did Lysander take your account over

Are you okay l3


@MoistIceCat hey, I've been shitposting about chocolate milk being a happy potion since I was 13

@TastyTrissie @MoistIceCat, I'm going to assume this makes you an expert.

Is there a difference between chocolate milk and YooHoo, besides being shelf-stable? :P

@TastyTrissie @MoistIceCat, picturing a big Franzia box of YooHoo and I think I'm about to become rich.

@fineursine @TastyTrissie Diggle getting ready to corner both the straightedge and chocolate lover market in one fell swoop here.

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