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Introductory Post! 

Hey everyone, I'm Tristan Hawthorne, I'm an adult with Autism, and I write vore smut for money.

To motivate myself to write more original work that isn't commissions or gift stuff for friends, I opened a Patreon! I delay Patreon work for a month till public posting

Recently I got a part time job working for a non-profit that helps neurodivergent adults get life skills for living in the neurotypical world.

My upload sites are in my profile if you wanna check out my work!

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Introductory Post! ART EDITION 

I've got good art of my big soft pupper. I love that people love my sona as much as I do :purple_sparkling_heart:

The two fullbodies are by and the sticker sheets are by Kuppy on FA

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Now to do that thing I always do after I release anything...

Refresh constantly in hope of commentary because I have the self esteem of a chicken mc'nugget and they are the only way I measure my self worth.

Zeeeah, doing her best impression of a cute blue yinglet that caught her eye. Maybe you can help her find him.

Quite possibly the silliest thing I've had drawn by Hornbuckle
yet. Definitely a favorite sticker.

Yinglets and the inspiring blue cutie are Valsalia's.

New Vore Story Up [Two Versions!] (Self Promotion!) 

This story was paid for by Patreon!

Patrons of $1 or more can vote in polls and view content before it goes public. Patrons of $5 or more can add ideas to the Idea Document and Patrons of $15 or more receive Reward Vignettes!

Those who wish to support me without making the commitment to a repeating pledge could send me a Ko-Fi.

If you'd like more creative control in what I write, consider commissioning me!

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New Vore Story Up [Two Versions!] (Contents) 

Both versions contain: Size Difference, Vinyl Clothes, Splitting the Crowd, Chatting, Exploring an Unusual Body, Willing Goo Vore, Exhibitionism, Unable to Speak and Pining to Return to the Pred's Body

Endosoma Version: Shower Release, Toweling Off, Being Blatantly Thirsty

Absorption Version: Accidental Gel Eating, Digestive Transformation, Eagerly Aiding Doom, Possessive Language, Blushy Preds, Released to Concerned Friends and Moaning Goop in a Jar

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New Vore Story Up [Two Versions!] (Thumbnails and Description) 

This last month I was of two minds how this story that was voted on by my Patrons should end... so I ended up doing two versions.

Madison is a dik-dik, and as such is familiar with being overlooked. He's been abandoned by his friends at a party, and can't see beyond the bodies towering over him. A near collision sends the tiny antelope on his way to be displayed under 'glass'

I wanna do some more stuff with MK, he's a fun design.


Cradle you between my paws
Slowly open up my jaws
Gentle tongue and velvet throat
Bear goes GLRP!
... And down you go.~

Glinner, fediblock 

Hey there in light of anti-trans activist Graham Linehan getting banned from Twitter I strongly urge you to block his own fediverse server that he said heโ€™ll start using more

oh my god lol
people who live near the CHAZ have apparently been entering the zone to see the volunteer doctors there because they can't afford healthcare
you can't make this up


Ever think how tight a dragon's throat must be, all the way down? |3

Things we didn't do:
- Start the fire
- Shoot the deputy
- Steal the cookies from the cookie jar

Things we did:
- Tried to fight it
- Shot the sheriff
- Put the sham in the shama-lama-ding-dong

Things we will do:
- Survive
- Rock you
- Walk 500 miles
- Walk 500 more

Things we won't do:
- Get fooled again
- Back down
- That

Things we will never do:
- Give you up
- Let you down
- Run around
- Desert you

- I did it again)

People think of ageism as โ€œteens vs. retireesโ€ but I just had someone on a furry subreddit find out Iโ€™m 31 and reply โ€œarenโ€™t you too old for this?โ€

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