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Underwear bulge, Pride Art 

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Patreon Update! 

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aw hell I forgot to do an introductory post 

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I finally have doggo art and I love it

Artist is

It’s a hot hot hot hot day in parts of North America. If you’re like me, your only access to cooling at home is something like a struggling window unit.

Libraries can be cooling stations if you can get to one. And they mostly won’t kick you out. They’re a place you can be and not buy anything. Keep safe if you can. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

The way to a vorarephile's stomach is through their heart. |3

Seeing as whiskers are used to detect objects and obstacles that can't be seen by an animal, could you call them…

…spatial hair?

It is vital for us settler leftists (especially you white folks) to support the protectors of Mauna Kea and the protests in Puerto Rico

The US still has colonies, and I cannot overstate how important it is that settler leftists in the continental (so called) United States support these movements for autonomy, self-determination, and independence

procrastinated on choosing a new song to learn on guitar for my next lesson tomorrow so now I'm just going through my songs on my phone to see which parts have robust guitar parts

CW: Vore stuff, auto-uploader 

vore horny, musical theatre 

mental health (-) 

My take on CWs: be compassionate and use them (long) 

excited because after buying a euphonium 4 years ago and then playing with groups that needed everything except euphonium, I finally found a group where I can play euphonium again

: a in Shetland, that is said to have had the body of a man with a wolf's head. It was reported to have left fish on the windowsills of poor families.

Ominous positivity 

vore, musclefur 

adulting, autism (~) 

adulting, autism (~) 

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