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Introductory Post! 

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Introductory Post! ART EDITION 

Food, silly video w/ sound 

I was just reminded of the Canadian embassy in Bucharest, which is basically Copper Patina: The Buildingβ„’.

Look at how green this thing is. So much green.

The best kind of friends are the ones you can put in your mouth. |3

When I'm a skunk sometimes the narrow bookshop aisles aren't super conducive to the personal space of customers... Still at least they leave smelling pleasantly of old books...

Original art by @/artbypac!

Colors by me.

tech, fashPol 

modders dont ask "why would anyone want to skate as the gonk droid from star wars" they just do it

Workplace fuckups 

Workplace fuckups 

Workplace fuckups 

Workplace fuckups 

I don't see how people can act like Wonderful Christmas Time is the worst we can do when Santa Baby is *right there*.

Somewhere in this town there is a used copy of Tank Girl on DVD.

And I'm going to find it.

just as an explanation in case some things aren't clear

imperial core: these countries are at the center of global capitalism and empire, they collaborate to dominate the rest of the world economically and politically to maintain global capital

semi-periphery: these countries dominate some other countries in their sphere of influence but do not dominate global capitalism as a whole, though they might hold ambitions for doing so

periphery: countries almost or entirely dominated by the former 2

i love the sonic the hedgehog naming convention:

Sonic: named in honor of his speed
Eggman: named after his round, egg-like body
Knuckles: named after his large notable knuckles
Amy: Amy is a girl's name (Amy is a Girl)

A bit of scented Sunday reading! It is nice to have an extra pair of hands. I don't have to put down my tea to enjoy a story, plus they kinda smell like pink lemonade when I'm happy...

A colored version of a lovely sketch by Pac!

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