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I got my sticker set eeeeeee
(one is slightly vorish jsyk) (help I have ideas for 3x as many as this)

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aw hell I forgot to do an introductory post Show more

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I finally have doggo art and I love it

Artist is

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College Funding Show more

Queer history, College Funding Show more

Queer history, Death Show more

"Kobolds are small," they said.

"Kobolds are weak," they said.

Whoever they are really didn't count on a kobold learning mythic enlarge person, casting it on themselves, and using the inn you're staying at as an armrest while they lean against the building, causing it to creak under the strain.


You may be interested in these (USA) initiatives to a) hack debt by rebuying it cheap using the terms granted to debt collectors and deleting it, b) fight debt with collective action.


dear hackers, why are none of you hacking and deleting student debt records?

gonna ask jk rowling if there's any furry representation at hogwarts

Say hi to Konnor, my newest character! He is a he is a oblivious softy who loves cake, games, and beard care. Supports Bowser but just wants a socialist democracy in the Mushroom Kingdom.

finished the deo

rosie the riveter has a patch on her collar that says "westinghouse electric" so i made it better


my mind: [wesley willis voice] i WHOOPED


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