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Transformation, Muscle Growth, Multi-head 

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Underwear bulge, Pride Art 

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Patreon Update! 

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aw hell I forgot to do an introductory post 

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I finally have doggo art and I love it

Artist is

MH, Family, the case for letting people vent 

MH, Emotional Validation, the case for letting people vent 

Patreon (Vore) Story going public! Links in the 

Patreon ( #Vore ) Story going public! Contents in the 

Patreon (Vore) Story going public! Details in the 

Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster 

New Story (Vore) up! Links beneath the 

New Story ( #Vore ) up! Contents beneath the 

Reminder the Bakerfurs discord group is now live!

Accepting bakers of all kinds and with a chat for savory cooking also! We'll be having bi-weekly themes and the first is muffins! Calm, chill, and full of sweets and goodies! Spread the word!


"Good morning, Mayor!"

Inger as Isabelle for Halloween, by Likeshine

Tumblr and its legacy 

Trans-related Shitpost, Fortnite reference 


I mean if you're gonna have something make you start being may as well be him...


:drake_dislike: Avengers Infinity War
:drake_like: Thanos: The Hand of Fate

You know your job is weird when you spend the morning dragging your hands through particulates to make snake sound effects.

Important Telegram News - Back up your chats 

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