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Introductory Post! 

Hey everyone, I'm Tristan Hawthorne, I'm an adult with Autism, and I write vore smut for money.

To motivate myself to write more original work that isn't commissions or gift stuff for friends, I opened a Patreon! I delay Patreon work for a month till public posting

Recently I got a part time job working for a non-profit that helps neurodivergent adults get life skills for living in the neurotypical world.

My upload sites are in my profile if you wanna check out my work!

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Introductory Post! ART EDITION 

I've got good art of my big soft pupper. I love that people love my sona as much as I do :purple_sparkling_heart:

The two fullbodies are by and the sticker sheets are by Kuppy on FA

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The leaves fall across the pasture, drifting over pumpkins and squashes. On hoof-falls that sound like sturdy, ancient wood, comes a deer woman. Her horns of gnarled branches part the air, which smells of familiar spices.

You open the door, Autumn has come to stay.

anyway there's absolutely no fucking reason public transport needs to make a profit, it's necessary and it should be free for everyone and transit cops should honestly be bullied off the bus anytime they try to board one imo

Oh hey, apparently in 'Protest' of me charging for some of my work, a random dude is uploading audios from my online store to YT for free.

Not gonna link for obvious reasons, but if you think my work is worth money you can legitimately buy it here:

A new Vore Story Gone Public (More Self-Promotion) 

If you'd rather have more complete control of my creative output, consider commissioning me! If you'd rather just support me and don't want to commit to a monthly donation, I have a Ko-Fi.

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A new Vore Story Gone Public (Links) 

Posted to FurAffinity:
Posted to InkBunny:
Posted to Eka's Portal:
Posted to SoFurry:

This was written for my Patreon! People who pledge $1 or more can vote on polls. Those who $5 or more can add to the suggestion doc, which is where the ideas that get voted on on the polls come from.

All unpublished writing available to read for Patrons!

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A new Vore Story Gone Public (Contents) 

Contains: References to Earlier Story, Surreptitious Oral Vore, Eager Goo Prey, Blatant Lies and Half-truths, Exploring the Intestines, Profanity, Concerned Friends, Abdominal Bulges, Attempted Release, Accidental Absorption, Euphoric Transformation, Impressionistic Fusion, Merged Identity, Self-Love, Learning to Goo, Further Profanity, Resisting Urges, Exposition about Fusion, Absorption and Release.

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A new Vore Story Gone Public (Thumbnail and Description) 

This story is a direct followup to the Absorption Version of Hidden in the Spotlight. ( )

Brian is having mixed feelings about the situation with Madison and MK. He makes Madison a stealthy offer in the car on the way home and Madison jumps at the chance. The ferret has no idea what he's gotten himself into.

[Thumbnail Below]

There once was a man from Peru
Whose limericks would end on line two

Intersectionality, pride flags 

pls don't replace colors in the flag with other colors. Adding colored stripes to either side is better praxis

Example: the white stripe on the trans flag? That represents nonbinary trans people, according to the designer of the flag. Don't replace it.

socially distant fist-bumps require
t h e d i s t a n c i n g c u b e s

Bear Genders 

The gendered words for bears are "boars" and "sows".

I like the idea of someone deciding what to call bears for the first time and going "I mean, they're basically just pigs, right? Just really big pigs?"

Remember, if you boop a furry's nose and scritch behind the left ear simultaneously, they take a screenshot.

Great news, gamers! I got hired to design arcade cabinets for Hell.

capitalists are all "if we didn't kill people who don't work, nobody would work!"

and meanwhile everyone who's financially stable but can't work due to covid is literally Fucking Losing It and forgetting what day it is or what the sun looks like, because it turns out the human brain kinda Needs the stimulation of completing meaningful tasks and will always rather do them than not in the long term

portland oregon protest meta: chemical weapon documentation

"We want your photographs of:
- chemical weapons recovered at the scene of a PDX protest
- chemical weapons while they are being deployed

We are especially interested in photos accompanied by date, time, and location information, or any other context you can share. [...] Our only requirement is that you include at least one photo of the item in each report.

Photos can be from any time during the 2020 protests."

Can we talk about...

Animal people in fancy clothes?

I require the services of a kitsune to just bury me in fluffy tails. Thank you so much for your time and gods bless.

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