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I finally have doggo art and I love it

Artist is

who's got two thumbs and has paws


*looks back and forth at paws, distressed*

Wow, licensing all of these characters must have cost a fortune!

Finding yourself, you decide, is impossible. You know this only because you always do it too late. By the time you find yourself, blinking and startled, the person in your wake is no longer you. You have found what was you many times, but finding what is you remains elusive.

Toontown Public Works is good dogs.

waiting for prelim sketches for a commission is stressy even though I know when they're supposed to be expectedededed

Threw out everything that doesn’t spark joy and now I am naked in an empty room, cradling a framed glossy picture of falco lombardi


You can be upset about a breakup without dragging your ex through the mud for revenge. You can be unhappy someone is friends with a PrObLeMaTic person without immediately villainizing them. You can work to understand misgivings without immediately flagging people as evil.


this character's name is Vanta and she's already shaping up to be a sassy little shit and I love her so much

(🎨 : @Critter)

I wonder if we're going to see an increase in diagnosed "executive function disorder" as the Distraction Industry becomes ever more egregious.

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Neckhole? I think you mean GIANT TAIL SLEEVE.


I will never get tired of drawing Marigold wearing shirts on her butt.


"The guys who made fallout and doom jumped into a twitch stream of donkey kong 64 and said trans rights" is a good start for 2019 i think

foxes are canines but they take the a cat predatory niche

basically they're cat software running on dog hardware

hence, the best

One of the very first things humans learn when they are born is to alert someone when they aren't okay. Then a bunch of people tell you not to and give you whole layers of shame about what you can need, when you can need it, and how you are allowed to ask, and who is allowed to ask, etc., etc.

Fuck all that. We literally exist to help each other or else we wouldn't keep hanging out with each other and figuring out new ways to connect.

Ask for help when you need it because it's fucking normal.

At first I thought Pat was crazy when he said New Vegas was better than Fallout 4, but after watching him play NV for a while and briefly revisiting 4 myself, I think he may be right. Sure, the engine is older and jank as hell, but the writing is so much more interesting and funny.

I think I'm looking forward to Outer Worlds.

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