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lewd, hypno, extremely cursed 

Hypnotizing a speedrunner to keep getting progressively more pent up with each run, only allowed to climax when they beat their PB.

Oh, it's intense screaming hours I guess 

:aaa: :possum:

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cancel culture 

really good description

"cancel culture is just people making consumer choices to avoid someone when the brand is the person"

I am so upset that kobold[.]rocks is already taken 😡

Instead of "sharing" a "post" you "show :boost_anim_vanilla: " a "rock 📝" and it would be so cute :KoboldUwU:

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A social network but it's just kobolds running to and fro "sharing" each other's sparkly rocks by showing them to each other. 💎

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does anyone know of any deep dives into the differences between different kinds of networks?

like whats the distinct nuances over server-authoritative, host-peer authoritative, and peer to peer connections

also are there any deep dives into distinctions and nuances between single platform and federated networks

im mostly interested in the design and technical sides, but still intrigued by social effects

looking for research material

boosts okay


Now I really want to read a cute story about a couple getting a vore kit to spice things up in the bedroom with that throat mic headset, a belly bath bomb for hospitality, and a safety harnesses 😅

Mmmm real wholesome vore vibe hours 🥰

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AI generated imagery 


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If you're browsing a very new account, it may appear to be empty even though they have already posted lots of stuff.

This is because most Fediverse servers don't "backfill" new profiles, i.e. if no one followed them at the time a post was made then their post will not be visible from other servers, even if people follow them later. Followers of new users will only see posts made after they follow them, and the oldest posts will remain invisible.

You can see all of a profile's public posts by clicking on the profile's avatar to open it on its home server.

You can also force any post to become visible from your server too by copying the post's public URL and pasting it into the search box on your server.

(If you think this is crazy, and you'd like Mastodon to automatically backfill posts when people follow an account, please give a thumbs up to the issue at so that the developers realise you want this.)

#FediTips #MastoTips #Fediverse #Mastodon

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furry vore, female pred 

A cute, full bun! The best kind of bun. Just a random pose exercise done on my phone earlier, which I then used my tablet to clean up. So she's not an existing character or anything, just a cute little bun with a full tum.

I've been busy lately so I haven't posted much, but just wanted everyone to know that I'm still alive! I have a commission I need to finish and a couple other things to work on, and then I'm thinking about doing a YCH some time in the near future.

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New clickbait format: "[x] but it's [trait commonly associated with x]"

Like "coffee but it's nice and hot". People click because what does that mean. It must mean *something*. But it's just a boring video about normal coffee

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Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

Re Very vore product thought, product pitch 👀💦 

"new from Vore Em is the latest 5 point harness! With" Soff✨ ™ Buckle" tech safe for sensitive stomachs and industry leading polysilk tethers, enjoy your friends again and again!"

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Very vore product thought 

So, in a world where is common but not completely safe, and you have practical difficulties that come with eating someone, why not market vore capable walkie-talkie with head sets? A secured silicone ear peice and a throat mic, some water proofing, and you have a working communication system for vore 🤔

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OMG this is so precious 😭❤️


I did this so long ago, and even though the art quality is (just a little) dated because i've made some (distressingly small amount of) progress, it's still a page I'm proud of


Accidentally forgetting someone in your belly is such a funny/hot trope 😅


Thank you for 1k followers! I didn't think i'd make it this fast!


Good advice 🍑


Be publicly outspoken about your behind


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