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To many, the Princess was generous to all, a successful peace broker between the neighboring realms, and a brilliant inventor.

To some, she was problematic.

After searching far and wide, they found an assassin beyond compare, deadlier than she was lovely... and she was quite lovely.

"Befriend her, then make it look like an accident."

Publicly, they were fast friends - the plan was working!

Then the wedding happened.

She sent a refund.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy


Voretober Day 16!

And now, another entry in my "preds lounging around wearing exercise clothes" series, because I seem to draw that a lot. This one seems to be enjoying herself!

I'm actually very proud of this. I did a few experiments with textures and line weights, but I'm honestly just happy with the proportions overall, and I'm especially happy with that expression.

*collects all the white shit falling from the sky and shoves it back at the clouds*

No. You pack that up and take it somewhere else. It is too early for that shit.

CBD Vape, gear video :weed: 

And I missed 420 because I was making that video 😂

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CBD Vape, gear video 

For those that partake and are interested, my favorite vape toy is the PS1. That's a wax cup with cbd wax and a 510 cartridge with a watermelon blueberry mint cbd juice.

It's a lot of fun and I recommend them. 😁

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vore, giraffe 🦒 :gulp: 

Mmm, that's a niiiiice long throat bulge slide :blobmelt:


"G" done now, finally.

"Going doooown..."


CBD Vape, anxiety(+) 

Hitting a combo of cbd wax and watermelon cbd vape to manage anxiety today.

Until 420 anyway 😁 :weed:


am actually secretly a program for turning pets and attentions into luvs and purrs

Also, we're heavily populated by furries but we welcome humans and all other species too! 😁

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Humans only, how do you identify? :boost_ok:

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Are humans wild or domesticated? 🤔 :boost_requested:

I guess someone decided it was a good time to promote #nationalbossday 😬
Post about your boss, like their name, address, and their greatest fears :guillotine:

Just remembered how I was standing around figuring out something to do last night and was scratching my belly and it felt good :wolfmelt:

this is the last possible image i expected to be reposting with captions, but the information seems too important not to share

a free font from the braille institute with increased readability for people with different levels of visual ability

vore mention 

vore mention

just thinkin about it

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