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Imagine, if you will, you, cuddling with a catdragon. 

Think about the feeling of their thick arms, with all that strength covered by a fair bit of softness, gently pinning you down on top of them β€” they're trying to be gentle, but even so, you know you'd have to work a bit to slip out from under them. Or the feeling of your head resting down on their large, soft chest, fitting right into the space between their breasts and the top of their belly.

They're purring softly, but still, it's rattling your whole body, filling you with a strong sense of relaxation. Might as well just lie down here for a while, yeah?

Imagine the sensation of your arms, hanging down by their sides, fitting easily and naturally along the curves on the upper side of their belly, resting there without squishing in all that far. Oh, and the feeling of your torso and all that just sinking deep into the dragon's fairly massive gut, that pink fuzz almost overflowing around your chest and middle. It's about as soft as a very thick, fancy mattress, rather than like some sort of bean bag or whatever; under all that insulation, you can clearly feel that there's a lot of strength. Some pretty killer abs, totally hidden.

They're clearly asleep now, letting out the tiniest little bit of a snore, but you feel them wrapping part of their hefty tail β€” it probably weighs as much as you do! β€” across your legs, as they tighten their hug just a tiny bit.

today i am going to be a good kitten and be quiet and not bother you :3





aaah! this is too hard *bothers you*

πŸ€” Hummingbird birdsona that always has a slurpy/soda/energy drink in hand πŸ₯€

Oh my god.

Memes are political cartoons for people who can't draw.

All instances hosted on are now running Mastodon v3.2.0

Any issues please let me know.

Thanks 🐘

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When I was a child, I thought that rich people didn't have to blow their noses and it was just something poor/normal folks did. 🀧

Sometimes I still get weirded out remembering that rich people blow their nose too.


I will be starting the upgrade to Mastodon v3.2.0 for all instances hosted on

There will be a downtime of about 30 seconds during the upgrade.

You can read the release notes here:

PS: β™₯️ the new audio player

This is for you 

*Gives ya a biiiiig tight covid-free dragon hug*


Space Cadet achieved β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘¨β€πŸš€


A werewolf that's happier and more outgoing in their were form because it also shifts them to their preferred gender.


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