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vore joke 

who called it exhibitionist vore and not conspicuous consumption


Saw this Nerf Dog advert at a store and decided he needed to be more of a furry action hero.



Subtleties and Rimentus sometimes don't go hand in hand.


AGDQ (Untitled Goose Game), the word β€œhonk” in all-caps 



Cthulhu: Ahf' nafl'fhtagn ya, llll ahch' ya wgah'nagl-

Cat girl: Hey nerd!

Cthulhu: ...Nyarlathotep? Is that you?

Cat girl: Yep! But I'm Nyanlathotep now

Cthulhu: can just make yourself be a cat girl?

Cat girl: Mmhmm!



Cthulhu: *egg-cracking sound*



Prey species as pred is super cute. Pred species like wolves, hyenas, cats, pokΓ©mon, etc. are also super heckin cute. Y'all are cute sweethearts! πŸ’š

re: pellets guy 

@Kat @monorail @hyperlink Pellets Guy cannot be said to be alive in the sense that we are alive in flesh and blood. Pellets Guy is more than a mere vessel, he's been raised to the level of a cultural hero. He is as much an egregore, a group idea of Pellets Guy, as he is any action by Hyli's coworker. In short, the real Pellets Guy was long ago surpassed by the waking dream we know among one another as Pellets Guy. He eats pellets among the immortals now.

pellets guy 

@Kat a dude at my work who ordered a 20lb bag of gorilla food and ate it for lunch because it said on amazon it was suitable for all large primates

Which direction does your icon face?

Please boost for highest possible demographic :)

Weed, Scooby-Doo 

I just wana get really high, snuggle @Palandine , and watch Scooby-Doo for hours πŸ‘€

vore, size difference, food play 

In a conversation with my friend Tea, she implied that foxes are food. I attempted to respond to this obvious falsehood with "foxes are not food." However, my phone somehow turned that into "foxes are hot dogs."

Not being one to deny the obvious will of the universe, I drew this. Hot foxes, the new snack sensation! Perfect for the hungry Adventure Scout!


polyamory is like vegetarianism or being a furry in that most people doing it just quietly go about their business and the stereotype of them shoving it in your face seems more like a manufactured excuse for bullying an easy target


cursed? πŸ€” 


🎡 Toss a to your Witcher 🎢

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