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Huh, meant to actually tag πŸ˜…

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I wonder how many people pronounce my domain as instead of

Hey y'all! I'd like to take a moment to remind everyone that snouts has a code of conduct including requested content warnings. If you haven't read our COC in a while, it's always worth a fast refresher:

We ask for content warnings on upsetting or NSFW content, including joke posts. Even jokey references to certain topics can be upsetting for folks, and accommodations are easy to make. Please be considerate and tag when appropriate. Much love and thank you!

take a moment to think about how tiny and soft mouses are

Composing the perfect toot and posting it by slam dunking my phone into a trash can

I have a pair of chinese rave glasses that can display scrolling text, bitmaps, or animations. They also make you look way too cool for school.

They speak Bluetooth to a shady APK, I've put it on a disconnected phone and I'm reverse engineering the protocol.

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I guess this also needs to be said...

There is 0% truth in a red delicious apple being delicious.

It is literally a ball of mush wax.

Thank you.


*looks suspiciously over at snouts*

What are you doing over there? :blob_cat_sip_glare:

i accidentally screenshared my full desktop during a meeting and i had to explain this to my boss


Yeah I might have made some bad decisions tonight that lead to a taco pizza.

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You hang you head, defeated, lamenting your time wasted on debating pineapple while this monster lurked in the shadows.

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