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Whenever my wife refers to the fediverse she calls it "your 'verse" and I think that's beautiful.

Good morning, my 'verse.


@hyperlink @MadokaMeowgica from ancient tumblr

Young man
There are leafs all around
I said young man
Eat a leaf off the ground

Steve Gibson of the Security Now podcast has a chat about free, open, cross-platform, trust-no-one encrypted file syncing.
There's very detailed show notes, and there's usually accessible text transcriptions available of the full show after a while.
They take a while to get to the point, actual talk about file syncing starts at about 49 minutes in.

Another genderless insult you can use when you've had enough 


Taurs? In your timeline?

It's more likely then you think!

Happy :taur:


Voretober day 3!

A commission for Murdock, of my character Hoodie Fox eating him.

There is a poll up on my Patreon! (Vore, TF) 

Patrons pledging $1 or more can vote on the poll to determine whether I do more predscape (vore) stuff or more kobold stuff (TF, reality warping) this month!
As always, patrons pledging $5 or more can add to the idea document that the non-project polls come from.


I am so fucking exhausted. I'm seriously considering not going into work tomorrow if I wake up this tired for a third day in a row πŸ˜ͺ

New Story Up, Vore, Contents and Links under the 

Story contains: Accidental Exhibitionism of Vore Tattoos, Implied Vore, a scene of Superhero Action, Oral Vore, Characterization and Worldbuilding, Gratuitous descriptions of chubby dog belly, Tris eating a woman (gasp), Predscape stuff and Sapient Pudge that can bulge outward!

FA upload:
Inkbunny upload:
Eka's upload:
SoFurry upload:

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vore, f/f, swallowing 

Voretober day 2!

A commission for Malavolpe, of one of their characters eating another one of their characters.

There are two unwritten rules. Every man knows them instinctively, yet many other genders are oblivious to them. They are:

- Do not speak to, or acknowledge anyone else in the men's toilets.

- If it is possible to do so, always leave at least one empty stall/urinal between yourself and an occupied one.

These rules are almost universally recognised and followed, with the exception of drunk men in bar toilets because at that point nobody cares anymore.

Thank you for your presence here.
Life can be a struggle and I am thankful you take it on.
You're worth it.

"Change Your Mind" is probably the shortest of all of songs from Steven Universe, but it's the one that consistently brings happy tears to my eyes and might just be the most important of them all in my opinion.


who else gets passive-aggressive with inanimate objects when they don’t do what you want?

me: *accidentally drops spoon* ugh πŸ˜–
spoon: πŸ₯„
me: fine, be on the floor, see if i care πŸ˜’

@Sapphicgiraffic *howling at a pen that rolled under the desk* Yeah?! You think you belong there?! Well fine, see how you feel outside of my tender hand!! (actual event)

Well what di ya know there was a Sergal Car in the 70s called the Vanguard CitiCar - I mean look at this cheese wedge

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