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I was seriously looking at buying a personal nylabone or something before i found these. I am very excited because teeth grinding has been a really big issue for me, and my last dentist warned me that I'd ground a lot of my tooth enamel off 😬

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anxiety, stim coping tools (+) 

I was today years old when I learned about , tough silicone jewellery for teething, adhd, and autistic stimulating beads and pendents. The idea being you can wear these less conspicuously as an adult to help manage chewing and anxiety.

Reminder that plants never sit still. All plants everywhere are always jostling about like this.

New Vore Story Up [Two Versions!] (Thumbnails and Description) 

This last month I was of two minds how this story that was voted on by my Patrons should end... so I ended up doing two versions.

Madison is a dik-dik, and as such is familiar with being overlooked. He's been abandoned by his friends at a party, and can't see beyond the bodies towering over him. A near collision sends the tiny antelope on his way to be displayed under 'glass'

I wanna do some more stuff with MK, he's a fun design.

The people need food. So we build mutual Aid networks.

The People need protection. So we build community defense.

The people need housing. So we build them houses.

This is massline. The people know what they need and if you think you are better than the people you are no comrade of mine.

Vore, slimegirl, food? 

Huh, not what I had in mind when I said I wanted , but ok! πŸ˜‚πŸ¨

Lewd, Mr Clean, wine moms 

People’s perception of wine moms: β€œWell, I never! Your manager shall hear about this!”

Actual wine moms: β€œI want Mr Clean to fist me like a thanksgiving turkey”

You can't always tell, but sometimes the void smiles back


base from ⚫ (circle-black)
eyes from 😁 (closed-smiling)
mouth from 😢 (void)


The Crossover Nobody Wanted 

Captain James T. Hook, captain of the USS Jolly Enterprise, on a continuing mission to seek out new life and new civilizations, relieve them of their valuables, and kill peter pan.

More cursed 

@RobinHood I-if you want your nose out, you just d-drop the fly and it hangs out... L-like... A... Uhh.... πŸ† 😳

New headcanon: some terms are derogatory.
/girl and are acceptable and widely used, but referring to a semi/humanoid shaped as an or is incredibly derogatory as it refers to the mindless formless creatures found in dungeons and caves that just shuffle around eating and attacking everything.

I learned that I can yell louder than someone with an actual megaphone.

Folks out here don't know how to fucking yell.

@tinytoydragon furry gangs, roaming the streets! UwUing at innocent bystanders and shedding on everything! 😁

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