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While I work on potential layouts and compositions for Preyboy mockups/Gutslut-verse stuff in general, it’s so much fun coming up with article headlines.

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Not to brag, but there's a few smaller women around that know what that fun feels like 😏 :knotty_eggplant_pats:


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Oh I remember that fatal day, the day I layed eyes on a flash game called "High Tail Hall" and thought "Well, this ought to be good!"

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Ok but I'd be interested in hearing what their podcast is about too

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@cosplay 👀💦 aw crap, I may have a type

@trysdyn people lie to themselves a lot too, even without realizing it. Don't forget that what those scammers are selling is hope for escaping a financial caste system, and that's a powerful bait

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how am I supposed to honk shoo mimimi under these conditions

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Finished a character page for @pliplo1@twitter.com ! Had lots of fun with this one

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I was bored, so with the help of @Guante_Yeen@twitter.com, I started to catalog prey for fun, do you know any other?

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Welcome to important parts of the dragon.

In this series, we will highlight important parts of the dragon.

Part #1: the tumby...

...the t u m b y...

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Part 2

Are you optimistic about your own personal future?

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@Captain I like how this doesn't specify a country 👍

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Pls boost for visibility

Are you optimistic about the future of your country?

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