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Do you use spotify? Are you okay with furries? I started a discord server to share music. You should check it out:

Spotifurs Discord


Does anyone else ever feel like they pulled off a trick shot when pouring out the exact number of things you need? ✨

Wouldn't mind uhhhhhh..... Exploring the insides a cute Naga or lamia tonight :ablobslurp:

Wana chat but I have nothing intelligent or interesting to share, so get ready for some poop tooting :dragnthaenkin:

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I think this one has a meme potential so I made a template because I'm bored x.X twitter.com/OoCPokemon/status/

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/RicSimane/status/1

Ok but really it would be so adorable to see them shake their pompoms and tail at the same time together 🐍

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Snek cheerleader time! Cause I wanted to

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Why yes, I am familiar with swinging both ways 😏

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Someone in Discord tonight described Among Us as β€œ12 Angry Them” and I’m losing it

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nomads.online, an instance for people who like to switch instances frequently

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"illegal" is slang for "good" now

this pasta is super illegal, for example

the more confusion this causes, the better

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A reminder

To please

For the love of GOD

Add content warnings to USPol posts

So I don't have to abandon my only method of social contact

During a pandemic

To get a break from it

Good morning fediverse. May your day be filled with soft snuggles ☺️✨

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Re 420 

@toydragon same ☺️❀️

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