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If you're struggling with time management, learn about how others approach it. Here's some information that may help: socialwork.buffalo.edu/content

@ancient_domains_of_word @badboy69 had mine earlier today πŸ˜‚ definitely go outside and walk around a bit first. The games will be there later, and you'll be more comfortable after stretching your legs a bit. Also outsides beauty is much easier to appreciate while high :blobaww:

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Rule #8:
initiate sex
with an idiot
when you
when you see

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My goal this weekend is to have this kind of energy in my life

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Probably a hot take 

"Lazy" is just a derogatory term applied to people whose priorities are different from the one calling people lazy.

"Laziness" is a reclamation of one's time and one's life in a system that tells you that you're worth nothing if you're not constantly productive in the way that is beneficial to capitalists.

Forgot what gender the kobold I rolled up was going to be and I kinda like it better that way

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find yourself someone who loves you as much as kobolds love dragons

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Student loans must got the best cyber security team known to man

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Love triangle that ends in a polyamorous relationship pls

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You know what, Rivet's pretty darn cute. I'd get vored by her too

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No shade of course, I think it's wonderful that people can not only be into ONE specific thing but find communities and connections based upon something so specific.

Before the advent of the internet, people would have thought they were alone. It's wonderful to connect.

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The amount of granularity there is in furry kink stuff will never cease to amaze me.

Like, there's not *just* vore, there's gigabytes of it based off like two scenes of Cell from DBZ

There's not JUST fat, there's specific recreations of the Dumbo Elephant Stack.

It's wild.

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Curator: β€œlist as one model cucumber”
Assistant: ...
Curator: ...
Assistant: ...
Curator: ...
Assistant: β€œa cucum....”
Curator: β€œI SAID ITS A CUCUMBER” twitter.com/met_egyptianart/st

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Saw someone tweet this. I think it's pretty accurate.

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You never realize that society has an implicit rule until you see your cat breaking it.

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