AI PORN, Body Horror 4/n 

This one was interesting in that i only used the hypnogram algorithm and gave it the specific line art keyword. I dont think it knows what a chakat, wolftaur, or most taur morphs are...

swallow oral stomach

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AI PORN, Body Horror | I'm using the tags in some of my favorite commissions or my own works to generate the following images and you are choosing to subject yourself to them by reading any further :) 

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Thankgiving, Vore, Lewd 

Happy and happy ! Today seems like a good time to re-share this series by Seby from last year :gulp:

I sincerely hope you're able to spend the holiday with (or in) people that you like and appreciate you 🦃 :lick:

How many toes does a taur get? Total and per foot.

If we're counting thumbs, I've got 18 toes, I guess? Forepaws are dexterous like hands, and have 4 fingers and an opposable thumb, while rear paws are normal footpaws.
🎨 By

I'm upset because this is basically the same configuration that I have for my forepaws and now I can't unsee a furless wolftaur man 🙄 :wolftaur:

What a cutie 😍🐺 I imagine this is close to what petting this is like 💙

nsfw vore ship dynamic 

So uh, here's one of my favorite ship dynamics 😳

🎨 By ben56


Here's your weekend reminder that this loves honey and apples ☺️🍯🥃🍎

Buhhhh, it's ? Hooray, but I can't even 😑 here's an exhausted by Cyocyo

What, something about ? I can, uh, hook you up, if you know what I mean. My office is just down this dark alley, you'll be wearing a in no time... 😈🤤

It's ! Here are some studies by of my skeleton and my dexterous forepaws in different poses! Let's get more in the timeline! 😁 :wolftaur:

I have an important decision to make!

I need to buy a to replace some pillows on my couch and they don't make a one, which one should I get? 🤔
🦄🦓🦌🦁🐯🐶🦊🐺🐱🐏🐗🐫🐘🐀🐰🦔🐼 :wolftaur:

It sucks I have to buy two movie tickets for the seats my big butt takes up, but Val doesnt mind! And I never buy my own snacks because there's always that one person that has to pull out their phone at the movies! 😋🍿🎬

🎨 By

unbirth, taur 

Sometimes is just spending quality time together with friends and partners 💙
Shadowstalker finds a fun place to curl up and later we play some online games. Those cables are cold!

🎨 By Raven800 and Cyocyo

Here's some cuddles! Shadowstalker and myself settling in for a nap 😊

🎨 codine on FA

Last night the following idea popped into my head and I want to know who'd be interested in joining in:
The Sake Sauna Bath ( Edition)! A very rounded, immobile, and inebriated wolftaur with a belly cut away with 2-4 people sitting in his belly, ankle deep in sake and soaked (wet fur etc), tops optional, enjoying each other's company and many drinks.
Something light, silly, and fun! DM or comment if you're interested and can afford to join!

🍶 :wolftaur: :stomach: 👯🐰🐑🦊

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