food, raw meat, implied vore 

Mmmm, I love the meat n eat events at shows too

Well that escalated quickly.


Business conference buzzwords as euphemisms :thinkhappy:

I want to do a adoptable in response to the NFT thing but even as a joke it would take a lot of work 馃馃槗


cw: vore

I apologize as I am a sleepy binch and have nothing quite 'new' to offer, but unseen things like this.


Anyone in the looking for part time seasonal work as a pumpkin cheesecake? 馃巸 馃巶 :gulp:

To celebrate the spirit of October I'm going to be using the hashtag and others to welcome our newest members of the furry community. Hope you're into content because your new will be 馃構

Become ungovernable 馃馃惡

RT I feel pretty safe in saying that the furry community at large completely and entirely denounces this whole thing.

I've a feeling their social media accounts are going to be inundated with all manner of unwanted material.


vore thoughts 馃挱 :slurp: 

Eating someone out of most of their clothing and then burping up the rest 鈽猴笍馃ゴ馃槼馃憰馃憱馃Е馃憴馃挩馃檴

Phone or video calls with eaten prey are one of my favorite tropes and I don't see enough of it 鈽猴笍馃構


Video call


Can't wait to see a mainstream source publish something to the effect of "Everyone's secret fetish is , and You're into it too"

My forecast for the end of 2022...

friends around non vore friend groups 馃槀


You seem to be the kind of friend who makes other friends become paranoid


Today in irl , "What If You Get Swallowed by a Goliath Fish?"

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