I really wish there was more of this kind of play in same size too 😁

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Quick warm up doodle I did of my fox wife: furaffinity.net/user/foxobox

I'm sure whoevers on the end of that line is gonna be fiiiiine 😇

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When someone new to :vore: thinks unbirth means always safe from digestion 😅 

on main again 😂

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If you can fight him, you can eat him .

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Food 🍕 🌭 

Ok but I would absolutely try to eat this in one :gulp: or no vore 👀💦

I hope everyone got what they wanted for #voreday2022 😁 

I went with a traffic light 🚦 since some of these types of are situational or I have to be in a Mood ™

Happy 😊

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We're also active enough to have a directory to find your friends from :twitter: and meet other friendly fans 😉


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Lol guess what's tending 😂🎉 :Yoshi_Swallow:

(I think the :birdsite: moderators learned their lesson last year and banned and as trendable tags 😂)

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Happy day everyone~

Keep in mind today is also the international cat day (yes it is) so make sure all your feline friends are well fed~

Including by using yourself

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Proposal to make "Slosh it" part of vernacular and vocabulary :stomach:


Now I really want to read a cute story about a couple getting a vore kit to spice things up in the bedroom with that throat mic headset, a belly bath bomb for hospitality, and a safety harnesses 😅

Mmmm real wholesome vore vibe hours 🥰

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Re Very vore product thought, product pitch 👀💦 

"new from Vore Em is the latest 5 point harness! With" Soff✨ ™ Buckle" tech safe for sensitive stomachs and industry leading polysilk tethers, enjoy your friends again and again!"

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Very vore product thought 

So, in a world where is common but not completely safe, and you have practical difficulties that come with eating someone, why not market vore capable walkie-talkie with head sets? A secured silicone ear peice and a throat mic, some water proofing, and you have a working communication system for vore 🤔

OMG this is so precious 😭❤️

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I did this so long ago, and even though the art quality is (just a little) dated because i've made some (distressingly small amount of) progress, it's still a page I'm proud of

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There's a whole genera of that's been suffering in silance this whole time 😢🍕 :gulp:

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Happy Anniversary to this one

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