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Oh yeah! It's , and this time I'm doing a edition! 🀀

@Griff is a hella cutie bear that'll eat you right up
@Vorebot is a vore posting bot that's sharing lots of savory content
@TastyTrissie writes delicious stories
@SpotTea is working on a really cool vore mod!
@rabbitinafoxden recently joined and has written a number of works on other sites!
@Ambassador generates daily short vore bot fiction or , and really could use some upgrades but all in good time πŸ˜…

Ok, I'm convinced. I am declaring it πŸ’– Day πŸ’– at the Gulp.Cafe!
There are cute plushies all over the cafe, large and small! Come snuggle the softness, hug the softness, become the softness! 😁

A lot of my kinks were ways of exploring my need for contact and intimacy!

? Get hella close to me πŸ’™
sized? Look at all this supream cuddling we can do πŸ€—
Multiple genders in an configuration? I want to experience different kinds of intimate contact πŸ†πŸ’¦πŸ‘

Exploring yourself through your kinky fursona is valid as fuck! No one should be ashamed for that!

Time for surprise snuggles πŸ’™ optional πŸ’–

Sorry, I don't remeber the artist or recognize the signature. Circa 2012

Dear friends and strangers with food themed names or clothing.

Yes, we want to eat you. Most of us are just polite enough to not say anything or drool on ourselves when around you.

But we do want to eat you. 🀀

Rewatching Dragon Pilot and wishing there were more scenes like this. Anyone want to share 'fan art'? 🀀☺️🐲

Hey peeps, if you are what you eat, who are you right now? 😏

vore, horny but also wholesome? 

Who do I have to around here to get transformed into a real , huh? πŸ€”πŸ™„ :wolftaur:

Do you prefer large bellies with rolls or tight gravid bellies with outlines? β€” Definitely tight gravid bellies. I like to show off my prey, or taunt others meals, and I like a nice trim belly once I'm done 🀰 🀀

is just shorthand for horngry (horny hungry). I suppose prey are often scaroused (scared aroused)

Really in the mood to get eaten be a and just their insides for a day or two at least β˜ΊοΈπŸ’™

Would people be interested in me occasionally sharing links to stories I think are really hot? πŸ€”πŸ”₯πŸ’¦

vore post, lewd 

If you were a waiter and had a rude customer, what would you do? β€” Eat them, duh πŸ˜„

So would Ginger Chai πŸ‘

So flipping then#TMITuesday script, here's a question for all of you! Are there any rp systems? Better, are there any modules for existing systems like or other flexible systems in modern settings? 🎲 I think having a framework would help guide my process of and writing πŸ€”

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