Taurs? In your timeline?

It's more likely then you think!

Happy :taur:

I've seen 3+ taurs in medieval armor this and I'm okay with this

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I forgot it was ! I have a new piece from one of my favorite artists! A DND themed pic! Who wants to go an adventure with this Paladin Sheptaur?
πŸ–Œ @inkrend@twitter.com

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This you do NOT want to take the bull by the horns! Please RT and if you'd like sketches such as this or other rewards, please support us on Patreon patreon.com/offcentaured @Patreon@twitter.com

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It's my doods! Whitestripe is ready for the weekend! And so am I.
Have a good day.
πŸ–Œ ThalisLixeon on FA
Character belongs to me.

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Oh heck! Its been a while since I posted stoof! The weekend is approaching quickly and this sheptaur can't wait for a day to relax! Happy taursday everyone!
πŸ–Œ Blacklight-tiger on FA

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*Yawns* Good morning everyone! Seems like a good day to relax and listen to some music with coffee in my paws :3 Beautiful artwork by @MuzzArts@twitter.com this !

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Wtf do you mean it's Thursday? How can it already be ? I guess tomorrow is fuck off Friday then?


Yay 😊

Oh shit happy ! Hopefully I'll have a new something to share in the next week or two 😁🀫

I'm upset because this is basically the same configuration that I have for my forepaws and now I can't unsee a furless wolftaur man πŸ™„ :wolftaur:

So apparently is good for you and people aren't getting enough. What I want to know is how long after I start taking it do I start growing my legs? πŸ€” :wolftaur:

Who do I have to around here to get transformed into a real , huh? πŸ€”πŸ™„ :wolftaur:

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For , I present: Myself! Done by the wonderful AgroPuer on FA.

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Oh! I almost forgot to share this for ;3 Gotta hop or I'm gonna be late!

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