*takes a huge sized rip*
*Coughs for a full minute*

Yeah *coff coff* that's the *cough* good stuff. Happy *cough* β˜οΈπŸ˜‚πŸ’¨β˜οΈ

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If I ever find a reason to go back to I'll probably pay a lot of money for someone to model and animate a modular avatar where you can swap out things like feet and tails, and leave the upper torso compatible with normal accessories πŸ€”

Bonus points if the base shell and animations are made available for people to make new custom animations that can be dropped in

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I can't find any games I can play as a avatar 😐 :wolftaur:

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Happy and a little Remember to stretch a few times a day. Keeps your muscles elastic and your body happy!

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Thankgiving, Vore, Lewd 

Happy and happy ! Today seems like a good time to re-share this series by Seby from last year :gulp:

I sincerely hope you're able to spend the holiday with (or in) people that you like and appreciate you πŸ¦ƒ :lick:

Taurs? In your timeline?

It's more likely then you think!

Happy :taur:

I've seen 3+ taurs in medieval armor this and I'm okay with this

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I forgot it was ! I have a new piece from one of my favorite artists! A DND themed pic! Who wants to go an adventure with this Paladin Sheptaur?
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It's my doods! Whitestripe is ready for the weekend! And so am I.
Have a good day.
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Character belongs to me.

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Oh heck! Its been a while since I posted stoof! The weekend is approaching quickly and this sheptaur can't wait for a day to relax! Happy taursday everyone!
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*Yawns* Good morning everyone! Seems like a good day to relax and listen to some music with coffee in my paws :3 Beautiful artwork by @MuzzArts@twitter.com this !

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Wtf do you mean it's Thursday? How can it already be ? I guess tomorrow is fuck off Friday then?


Yay 😊

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