What if... Instead of wolftaur.... I was fluffy dragon taur? 🤔 🐲

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"Having wings is amazing and flying is the most incredible experience you can ever have in life...however, that is until you get caught in a rain storm."

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"You bettaur watch out. You bettaur not cry. You bettaur not pout I'm telling you why. Santaur Paws is coming...TO TOWN!"

(A very special gift that my good friend @VulkenFox@twitter.com gifted me back in the day.)
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Where would a taur get a tramp stamp?

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My last post of 2020 before I take my break.
My good friend Raven asked me to help pick apples with him. Luckily, I can reach the higher branches for him with ease. The perks of being a taur! ;3
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Happy everyone ☺️ :taur:

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it's me with a couple extra limbs, and @__Sylv__@twitter.com with a lot of extra limbs!

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woman taur, leggies, maybe :nsfw:

I was going to wait for but hey why wait for leggies? :wolftaur:


*takes a huge sized rip*
*Coughs for a full minute*

Yeah *coff coff* that's the *cough* good stuff. Happy *cough* ☁️😂💨☁️

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This don't let people walk, or slide, all over you! Please RT and if you'd like monthly sketches like this or other rewards, please visit patreon.com/offcentaured

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If I ever find a reason to go back to I'll probably pay a lot of money for someone to model and animate a modular avatar where you can swap out things like feet and tails, and leave the upper torso compatible with normal accessories 🤔

Bonus points if the base shell and animations are made available for people to make new custom animations that can be dropped in

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