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A commission for DragonHeart07 on FA, featuring the hellhound Loona from 'Helluva Boss' as a wolftaur! 🐺✨

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What if... Instead of wolftaur.... I was fluffy dragon taur? 🤔 🐲

Taurinization: the tendency for all fursona to slowly evolve into forms 😁

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Please gently the couch as desired, thank you 😴 :wolftaur:

How would a wear booty shorts that say "wide load" 🤔

Oh no! ✨

I slipped and ⚗️

All these :wolftaur:

Transformation potions went everywhere! 🧪

My bad! 😏

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"Having wings is amazing and flying is the most incredible experience you can ever have in life...however, that is until you get caught in a rain storm."

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This in turn may lead to a fantasy setting where cultural centaur foods and dishes are either basically types of hay and roots meant to be consumed in bulk, and then intensely powerfully flavored dishes that get through to the robust sense of taste

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Ahhhhhh 😍 AHHHHHHHH! 🤩

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"Here we come! It's the start of InuJinba!" 🐶
"Travel back in time for a four-legged feudal fairy tale!" 🏹✨

Next in my series of your favorite characters as taurs: InuYasha! (and Shippo because he's adorable and I want to adopt him 🦊) @extrablakon@twitter.com

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You know you've made it as an artist when someone orders a commission from you as a birthday present to themself!

Wishing a very happy birthday to Myron! (@ mym0j0 on IG) 🥳🎂

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facts 😁

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Remember: Big taurs are friendly and warm. They make great pillows, wherever you want to lay your head. They're big and comforting presences.

They also can swallow you whole and alive without barely a trace. :3

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I want a body so I can stretch and sprawl all that much more luxuriantly 😁

candy gore plushie Xmas idea 🍬🎄✨ 

Kinda want a commission of the plush "bursting at the seams" with holiday cheer, tinsel and garland and lights spinning out of a burst belly of holiday joy 😅

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