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FINALLY all of that hard work pays off! First Chakat in VR! and it works in Beat Saber!

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Complaints go to @ColinCoyote@twitter.com for planting the idea in my head.

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Did y'all think I was really gonna come back empty-handed? I know you guys have been waiting for it, so here it is.

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Hello, I'm a and a . It's my job to make sure my company computer system are working so we can deliver food to your grocery store shelves and fast food restaurants every day.
and we're everywhere, you probably have a furry friend too 😊

RT @RyvenGshep@twitter.com: Happy everyone. Hope you are all having a good day today. I recently got this cute picture in the mail by @RedPandarama@twitter.com. She did an amazing job, look at how fluffy and cute I am!

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In a world I can't help but think that loose fitting clothing would be the norm. Ponchos, togas, and other things that wouldn't constrict or compress fur but still offer some style, protection, and decency.

RT @RyvenGshep@twitter.com: I got some new art recently I would like to share for ! A very cute sketch page by @TheTiedTigress@twitter.com ! I absolutely love this!

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Yeah showers are nice but can you just imagine how long it would take to dry out all that fur?
I read some recently aliens washed by way of rubbing pawfuls of lightly scented cleaning dust or powder into their fur and combing it out. So a dust bath to pull other dirt and oils out of their fur. This makes a lot of sense to me and I promote this as a quicker more common method of regular cleaning for furries whereas showers and baths are more of a monthly luxury.

Seeing a lot of channels are getting some sort of hate from YouTube and users? I'm not on YouTube much, but maybe this is a good te to check out ?


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