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When you get in the bath and the temperature is PERFECT 😍

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I mean, even as people eaters, consent matters πŸ˜‰

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follow up doodle

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:weed: funny πŸ’Š 

Good morning. It's time to take your daily supplements and I would like to play a little game... πŸƒπŸŽ²πŸŽ­

This has become a constant state πŸ˜…πŸ˜“

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I love being an adult and being able to draw my own garbage art

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Back when I was reading up on Beastars- my brain kept making him sound like Mordecai from Regular Show
So here he is (more edits in the thread)

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Dare to eat someone that nobody has eaten

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Yes, you can use mubby buddies puppy chow as a cereal.

No you should not do this.

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I went a little shark-crazy for shark week this year. And now that shark week is over, I'll be posting what I drew.

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