When it's been a long week and you just want to pound a cutie into the bed πŸ’•πŸ†

Blobby and Friends β€” It has been a long week πŸ˜… blobbynfriends.tumblr.com/post

Pets 2

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What film is this? [WRONG ANSWERS ONLY]

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Help me buy a new bike! Get a cool sketch!


thank you Anonymoose!

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Remembering the time I drew this proposal up for a certain convention


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Now THIS is a good dog 🐢 :chomp: :acab:

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Hope this makes you smile. Police dog bites cop after cop throws guy on the ground.

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Commission for @Gaheron@twitter.com 🦊

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naked mama bear 🐻 

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that's one weird lookin salmon

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i thought about something too long and now we might have a problem, oh no,

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Yeah yeah, everyone's dream job at some point πŸ™„ :ad:

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Get jerked off for fun and profit

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If you're wondering how the Gulp did in the recent influx of snacks- er, friends recently, here's a snapshot of the dashboard for the last 30 days ☺️ welcome all, new comers, feel free to make yourself known or ask any questions you have πŸ₯³ :blobcatrainbow: :mastodon_oops:

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