*looks suspiciously over at snouts*

What are you doing over there? :blob_cat_sip_glare:

Cursed, eye contact 

I am beginning to question this trending feature πŸ˜’

A little while ago I saw people talking about Stans and confused Stan from was all I could think of and I think I like this better anyway

Tinder, nerdy 

@Caudle reminded me that the Steven Universe Movie DID have that! 😘

I'm not usually one for multi armed characters, but I really want to see art of someone with 4 arms playing a double necked guitar 🎸🎸


Tag yourselves you beautiful beasties πŸ’•

Popcorn, lewd 

This would be me living my best life ☺️

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Good morning. Here is a bat eating watermelon in bed.

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Hello! I'm Shelia. I'm a 2D animator. I'm quite new on twitter. Here's a short animation I did over the week for my first post.

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