Hey Gulp Cafe folks (and neighbors), what do you think of this new quick test for needing sensitive or cw'd posts related to ? :boost_anim_vanilla:

If it could be on Loony Toons, no warnings needed

If it could be on Adult Swim, mark as sensitive

If it coil be found on Eka's Portal, add a Content Warning

@Taris No idea what Adult Swim or Eka's Portal are, but IMO it should basically always have a CW when it's meant to be kink. (Looney Tunes isn't, at least AFAWK.)

@IceWolf adult swim would be adult animation suitable for TV, but not children. Not porn, but still risqué.

Eka's Portal is the largest vore content hub that I know of 😅👍

@Taris a vore themed community should have to censor vore

@Taris It's so hard to answer this question because the same posts can change meanings and can make people uncomfortable when they realize why we're posting them lol (assuming we're changing to keep people on federated instances from feeling uncomfortable).

@Esquisse I'm not really changing anything, I'm just getting feedback on expectations and such. I mean, ive heard vore mentioned on podcasts like my brother my brother and me, it's not so niche these days, hence my new favorite hashtag 😁

Social standards and expectations change. Not so long ago, showing an ankle was considered risqué (still is in some places). I'm just curios what that trend is like for vore

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