The US national election will soon be underway and a lot of people are feeling very stressed and upset about it.

PLEASE use the content warning on posts about the election, and any other relevant content warnings to posts venting about current events. Mastodon is some folks last online refuge to escape the constant barrage of bad and terrifying news, so let's respect our friends and neighbors by using the Content Warnings so others can choose to engage with us if they want to 💖

This also goes for BOOSTING🔄 posts that are UnCWed. As an instance admin, I'm going to be getting my finger waving on point and I WILL let you know you should not be boosting UnCWed posts, even if you are not on our instance. This has been mastodon culture for a long time, it's not new.
You have alternatives:
1. You can use the share button and post a cwed link to the toot
2. You can comment with a CW and remove the @ to the author to share


@cnkraeh no that's not how it should work. People can still read your post if they want to, but by NOT adding the CW, they're going to read it if they want to see it or not, and that doom scrolling has a serious negitive effect on an individuals mental health.
Muting and filtering words is good, but we should be taking responsibility for our own posting and recognizing thst we have to tools to help others, not forcing our commentary upon them.

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