Are humans wild or domesticated? 🤔 :boost_requested:

Humans only, how do you identify? :boost_ok:

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So, is 'tame' the polite way of saying domesticated? 🤔

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@Taris Domesticated. They domesticated each other, honestly. *pawgestures at society*

@Taris Sticking a reminder poll on this, for us nonhumans! Vote in this and you'll get a notification, uh, several hours after these end.

@Taris other: tired

That's a sincere response. I feel domesticated by society but too tired most of the time to do much towards working to escape or change the system away from its problematic aspects.

@Taris my interpretation of this is that "domesticated" means fully adapted to living in human society, accepting it as normal and basically good (or at least neutral).

whereas, "tame" means I'm not going around biting people or shitting on the floor or otherwise working for the downfall of humanity, but I'm not participating fully in the economy and social structures, and many of the things I'm not biting I'm still deeply hostile to.

@Taris I believe the biology distinction is that "domesticated" is when a species has been bred for traits that make it useful (esp. psychological traits like docility & otherwise not panicking around humans)

there's some interesting coincidences / convergent evolution here, too. iirc domesticated animals generally tend to end up with floppier ears & a few other traits humans find cute?

whereas "taming" an animal means training / conditioning it, but you wouldn't expect it's offspring to be any more human-friendly than any other wild animal kept in proximity to humans

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