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Gulp Cafe is open for new registrations. We're an adult themed instance and we like to post and share a lot more things that aren't vore related. I'm the admin and would love to answer any questions in public or private. You can also take a look at our Code of Conduct for information.
We're all looking forward to eating, er uh meeting you πŸ˜‰ 🀀

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PS: If I don't approve your registration right away it's because I'm tied up IRL some but I'm trying to check the registration queue every few hours!

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Also, we're heavily populated by furries but we welcome humans and all other species too! 😁

Show thread is open for registrations :boost_requested: 

@Taris I sent in my registration a bit earlier today \o/ looking forward to making this space my new home!

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Gulp Cafe

Welcome to Cafe Gulp! We are an adult oriented website themed around vore and endosomaphila. This can take many forms but are often very sexualized and adult in nature. While we may be literal people eaters, we welcome all who can respect boundaries and each other. We will absolutely ban you for hate speech, trolling, or other disruptive mischief. πŸ”ž If you are under 18 or not interested in such content, leave now.