May you be as happy as a troop of bears discovering a heap of apples

@Taris I like the one in the upper left all "guys is this where the apples is"

@Taris i wonder how many apples have fermented and how many drunk bears we're about to get

@theonefreeman that's awesome! I didn't know that either, thanks for sharing!

@theonefreeman @Taris That bear on the left, starting at about the 10-second mark, pawing through the apples!

@Taris I thought that foto looked a little funny - that many all the same age (ish).
No info in the post. I looked around a bit.
It's less than an hour down the road from me right now.
@northernlights @buttstuf @pgtips91

@gemlog @northernlights @buttstuf @pgtips91 oh cool! Thanks, I just saw the photo I didn't know what the story was

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