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THIS is what I want in tourism 鈽侊笍馃槏鈽侊笍

Quarantine Blunt #2000! I call it REVOLVER!Description in the comments!

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What's inside you ask?

* 6 blunts inside
* 1.5g Garlic Cookies 36%
* 1.5g Critical Glue 24%
* 1.5g GMO 29%.
* 1.5g Super Sour Orange 30%
* 1.5g SherbHead 28%
* 1.5g BlackJack 26%

* 2g citrus drop live resin wax ~ 120
* 2g MB15 Kief ~ $50

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@Taris so your planning ascension I see.

:weed: reddit StonerEngineering 馃ぉ 

@Lantern_Light I WISH that was me! 馃ぃ馃巿

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