It's that time again.

Please CW posts about difficult and distressing topics! Don't boost UnCWed posts!

No one is telling you not to talk about these really important topics. Some people live with these realities, some people have loved ones affected by these realities, and mastodon has a Contest Warning so that people have a choice about having these reminders thrust upon them.

One extra button push, a few extra characters, and you make many people's lives better by giving them a choice 💝

Also, you may have some success using mastodon's filters to remove some posts from your feed.

You can find these in Settings > Preferences > Filters

I don't think mastodon handles lists well so each word needs a filter, but enter the singular version and flip the setting for variations on that word to get a few in on go.
I also set those for a week so I don't forget about them and I can re enable them if I need to.

Also don't be afraid to report posts that break your server's ToS! 💝

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