Does take place in the same universe as ? Why or why not? Discuss. 🤔🐺🐰🦌🐶🦁

@averyfinecat I hadn't considered this, but now this seems like an obvious contender based just on visual style and speach type 🤔 not too sure about the technological and social aspects though.

@Taris I suppose you could go for either 1) AC is in the distant past or 2) the reason villagers are excited to leave their old lives and move to uncharted islands is to escape the perils of the Lylat Wars

@Taris And, for that matter, Brand New Animal as well.

@porsupah hadn't heard of this one. Not avaliable in the US yet I guess.

@Taris Could be - it's co-produced by Fuji TV and Netflix; it's currently broadcasting weekly on Fuji, and all available on Netflix Japan, but gods only know what their global designs are. Fansubs are beginning to be available, however:

@Taris I haven't gotten into Beastars, are there humans in that universe?

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