Well, I think this book is going to take me for a ride. I picked it up on a whim from the bookstore and the forward took my breath away 📖

It's call The Experience: What to Do When You Feel Everything

From the Forward:
To the kid who was too scared to speak up in class because the energy emanating from around the classroom was too overwhelming. You didn't quite understand what was happening at the time so you just kept quiet, silently beating yourself up because you couldn't speak up. You knew the answer, but feeling that everyone around you was judging you made it too intense for you to actually voice it.

To the parents of highly intuitive, empathic children who feel powerless or disconnected because they don't understand how to interact with such a sensitive child who feels everything so strongly.
To those who have always felt so deeply the pain of the collective the oppression, historical separation, and exclusion plaguing humanity for eons. You've always known deep down that those characteristics should not define our collective human experience.


You've always known that we're meant to follow a more loving, connected, beautiful way.
To the sensitive souls who've always felt like you're not from this planet: you are here for a reason.
You're here to help create life as we are meant to experience it heaven on earth at last.
You're here to help us all remember who we are and why we came here.

You are the awakeners.
You are the soul seers.
You are the light bearers.
You are the visionaries.

Your work is simply this commit unrelentingly to being as authentically YOU as you could ever possibly be.

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