acab life protio 

Free unlimited data Sim card too 👌


anyway here’s how to get the barnacle off of your car


re: acab life protio 

@Taris who thought it would be a good idea to attach a giant piece of metal to the windshield of a car

like, what scenario would that series of words ever be part of a good idea


re: acab life protio 

@ben *Big Cowboy Voice* "When your decision IS the law, good doesn't have to be part of it 😉👌" :acab:

re: acab life protio 

@Taris even the evil ideas have to have someone who thinks they're a good idea

re: acab life protio 

@ben @Taris it's supposed to be a cheaper alternative to booting the car

re: acab life protio 

@ben @Taris the people that were payed millions to make these for the government thought it was a good idea

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