While you all were squabbling over pineapple on pizza, I was off fighting the true enemy...

Taco pizza 🌮🍕

It started innocently enough...

Hey, who dropped their spicy salad on top of my cheese pizza? It's like a pizza and a taco had a drunken night of bad decisions!

And it was like that, and that's how this abomination is often obtained, small discretions adding up.
You like tacos, you like pizza, why not combine them, right?

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But it's not what you expect.

Sure it looks impressive when it arro es, but you quickly realize there is absolutely no way to keep the shredded lettuce and cheese from immediately falling off and getting left behind in the box. Even when in desperation you try to tease it back on with a fork or knife, it's obvious it was never meant to be.
Sure what few scraps make it to your mouth are OK, but you don't eat the whole pizza and dread sets in.
How are you going to reheat a Taco Salad Pizza? 😨

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The truth hits you like a late delivery driver.
You can't.

Sure you could scrape most of the lettuce off, buy you won't get it all, there's just too much, and now you have to store it somewhere? The whole point was not making more dishes to clean! So you're going to be eating roasted wilted lettuce.
Maybe at least the taco cheese will met, you think, but there's too little, nothing is going to out do that mass of soggy greenery.

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You hang you head, defeated, lamenting your time wasted on debating pineapple while this monster lurked in the shadows.

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Yeah I might have made some bad decisions tonight that lead to a taco pizza.

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