In light of no one being around to stop me, I have opted to have a large tray of nacos for dinner 😁🌮🧀

Quick, which salsa do I use?

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Food, chanting 


cheese 🧀


Cheese 🧀



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Thank you, you are all no help at all 🤣

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re: Food, vore 

@Taris I have no doubt micros are the beef, taco flavored


@Taris wow, those are some decadent nachos!


@Merv super easy to make 🤤


@Taris I have food issues (and am really boring) so I just throw shredded cheese onto tortilla chips and call it a meal :P


@Merv that's kinda what I did, and added some ground beef and an avacado I thought went bad (but didn't, yay bonus avacado!)

It turned into If You Give A Mouse A Cookie situation

@Lunostophiles I only want to open one so I don't have to scramble to eat both before they go bad 😢


@Taris i know itsa typo but i imagine ‘naco’s to be like a buncha those Scoopable Tostitos with lil bits of beef, veggies, and cheese carefully put into each one and costing 27$usd for 6 of them

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