#TMITuesday #vore 

Do you have any preferred species of pred/prey?

I love on the slightly smaller side, and bats and otters have always been a favorite. I'm not too picky over all, just so long as they're wiggly and willing by the time they reach my belly 😉 if I'm in a very courption mood, pregnant prey or prey that have already eaten someone else tend to tickle my fancy 😁
For , and are favs, but also on occasion.

#TMITuesday #vore 

@Taris I like when a big prey species is picking on a smaller predator species. e.g. deer/wolf, rabbit/fox, etc.

#TMITuesday #vore 

@Taris Prey: I'll eat most folks who are interested in bears. But particular favorites? Hikers and campers, obviously. Absolute favorite? Other bears. |3

Preds: I think a hot pred is more about attitude than anything else. It's hard to explain what I'm looking for exactly, but I like the kind of personality that just completely normalizes the fact they're going to eat me.

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