🤔❔ Can anyone from witches.live recommend some introductory theory, history, and practice books?

I'm trying to find good sources for solid historical reference and cited sources, discussion of theory, and some practical applications. I'm definitely taking a hard turn down the path.
So far my reading list is as follows:

Wicca: a comprehensive guide to the old religion in the modern world, by Vivianne Crowly

Techgenosis: myth, magic, and mysticism in the information age, by Erik Davis

Practical Sigil Magic, by Frater U. D.


I'm also asking for help finding historical and cited sources because alot of searches bring up what I would consider, well, simplistic and childish books on . And I get where and why some of these are targeted, but it's really not what I'm looking for. I'm not so interested in the easy to market, culturally acceptable, cuddly and tamed version of wicca.

I feel my needs tend more toward the ritualistic and theory of viewing the world, and not just the nice bits.

Romanticism! That's the word for it! I'm trying to avoid the romanticized versions of wicca, neo paganism, and the like. Already have new leads to follow up on with Neoplatonism 😁

Defiantly going down more roads now. Learning more of the history of , very interesting and some good sources to follow up on, but feels too confining and structured for my tastes. Still very interested in mystic energy theory, and discovered trailheads for and ! I'm learning how to talk about agnostic polytheistic beliefs I've had for over a decade!

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