tl;dr of the reports of a cop instance going around 

The admin of recently posted (cw: glancing allusion to prison rape) - a sampling of slides from a presentation in which they identified themself as a "Proud Member of FBI Infragard".

For those not familiar, InfraGard is a non-profit "partnership between the FBI and members of the private sector" that "provides a vehicle for seamless public-private collaboration with government that expedites the timely exchange of information and promotes mutual learning opportunities relevant to the protection of Critical Infrastructure", according to its website (linked from which says much the same).

As you might imagine, a great many people are upset that a large fediverse instance is being run by someone who describes themselves as proud to be involved in the funneling of information to the FBI, especially given the long history of FBI informants being made to infiltrate left-wing groups for spying and entrapment purposes. See for example from @undyne.

I think that probably gives everyone enough context to make decisions.

tl;dr of the reports of a cop instance going around 

@packbat @undyne The other thing to be aware of is their intro statement (plus those slides) reads to me as though is an instance solely focused on law abiding techbros that aren't rocking the boat and just want to bro down. Not a great look, and it sounds like we'll be blocking them soon :P


tl;dr of the reports of a cop instance going around 

@bikecurious @packbat @undyne hackers town isn't an FBI watering hole and to asert otherwise is to throw a good instance and all its users under a bus just to look good for anarchist wank offs. Gibson works in infosec and infraguard is a valuable resource. Further the information flow is generally one way, from the FBI to members, with Intel on cyber crime and other business hazards.

tl;dr of the reports of a cop instance going around 

@Taris @packbat @undyne It appears you didn't bother to read my toot, then proceeded to reply guy. Bye!

tl;dr of the reports of a cop instance going around 

@Taris @bikecurious @packbat @undyne

"infraguard is an honest organization that is very important becuase it hands blood money and dirty info to private sector corps"


Im honesetly so thankful that you are encouraging reasonable people who are against that to be "anarchist wankers" with me

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