@SpotTea I don't know what a Springhare Adventurer Scout is but it sounds adorable. Welcome 😊

@Taris Oh, hello! Sorry for the random add, I'm guessing it was automatic when I joined! ^_^; Thank you so much for the welcome, you can blame Nin, that snacking Folf for luring me here. Must admit, at this time I have no idea how any of this works, so apologies if I miss something~!

@SpotTea no worries, it follows the local admins by default, so that's me and the @Ambassador bot 👍

We have a little information on the features and our code of conduct in the about page. If it's not there message me or just post, the fediverse tends to be a friendly place 😊


@Taris Ahaa, many thanks! I'll do my best to fit in deeply in here~ ;3

@SpotTea I'm sure we can find a deep belly to fit you into 😉 :stomach:

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